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  1. Thanks everybody each answer will be taken into consideration when I make it next time. The beating sounds a good idea to me.
  2. Hello everyone, I have been going to a cafe that serves pastries with "hazelnut cream". The cream has a really distinctive flavor but I wasn't able to get it. I tried pastry cream with praline, with whipping cream but the flavor is not even close. I tried hazelnut butter cream, also not even close. I talked to staff and one of them tried to talk to the chef into giving me the secret and all he was willing to say is: I don't use any artificial flavorings or extracts, I use fresh hazelnut. Can someone please how to make a hazelnut cream using fresh hazelnut? Thanks a lot in advance. Rana
  3. Hello everyone, Ok I have been trying to make croissant dough (puff pastry) just like the ones I see in videos and books. I CANNOT seem to be able to roll the dough thin enough. It remains really thick. If I apply more pressure in order to press down it tears right away. And YES and temperature of the butter and the dough is cold (not freezingly cold). My question is do you think the reason is the dough itself? I use the standard dough I always make: flour, milk, water, yeast, salt and sugar.
  4. Thanks ! trouble is it is unpleasantly crunchy, the other one is "creamy" which we all like the macaron to be, regardless of the filling, I am wondering how to get that creamy layer right under the thin shell.
  5. I checked several websites on the troubleshooting but none referred to that layer I am asking about. I followed all the instructions and they were perfect and smooth in terms of shape. it is the inside that disturbed me. I baked them for 13 minutes (160 degree) on a silicon mat.
  6. Hello every body!! Please have a look at the attached photo to see the difference between my macaron and the one from a cafe. Mine was hollow and unpleasantly crunchy, unlike the one on the right which was very creamy. Can someone please explain to me how to get the layer "right right under the thin shell" to be creamy like the one in the photo? This is the recipe I used: 90 grams (3 ounces) of egg whites (equal to whites of 3 large eggs), at room temperature125 grams (4 ½ ounces) of ground almonds or almond flour125 grams (4 ½ ounces) of icing sugar25 grams (1 ounce) unsweetened cocoa powder
  7. Aren't those two things at odds with each other? Pastry school will start by teaching you ordinary recipes, because those are the foundation for the innovative desserts. In any case, I second Baselerd's recommendations, and would add Migoya's book Frozen Desserts as well: even though it's nominally about frozen items only, it contains lots of interesting composed desserts that use non-frozen elements. Also, check out anything you can find written by Michael Laiskonis. Eric Ripert's book On the Line has a few of his recipes, and you should be able to find several more online. Beyond that, you m
  8. Hi all,,, Ok I have a HUGE amount of books and videos about desserts and recipes, good ones when it comes to that. However I wanna pastry guides (or for baking) that teach innovative creations, gourmet desserts, techniques and recipes used by professional chefs in restaurants. Not ones that teach ordinary recipes (e.g. cookies, cream caramel, chocolate cake....etc) I want something that makes me feel as I am in pastry (or baking) school! Something creative, with clear instructions I can't afford these schools so I am trying to learn at home. Online websites with videos even if I have to pay f
  9. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR POSTING THIS VIDEO!! I am VERY VERY much interested in these kind of things! The science of pastry intrigues me and I just got Alton Brown's book about the topic!!
  10. This looks yummy!! If I make it bigger would the chocolate pour out like the one in my picture?
  11. Believe it or not I did this one 4 times!! but the result was always: Either the ganache ball go down and the upper cake is thick or it breaks down on the tray after I take it out (and because it happened several times I did add more time in the oven, or add flour, all failed)
  12. Yeah yeah I know I can google it, but let me tell you I LOST COUNT of how many recipes I tried online, and none gave me the result I want. It is either thick cake and little pudding like inside, or filling is only down and up is all cake, or it breaks down, and yes I do follow the measurements and they come out right but NOT the result I want, not only that but I tried to modify in the recipe once I see a flaw, but the result isn't what I want. [LIKE THIS ONE] What I want is a think crust with LOTS of fiiling, and exactly this size (Got the rings) Note: I try a recipe every week and luckily m
  13. I just did and you know, I did taste white chocolate. I tasted it before but all I tasted was sweetness. Now i did again with this "examination" mood and I did get white chocolate. So basically this is not a fondant??? How can you make white chocolate ganache this "blanket-y" ????
  14. Can you believe that I have been keeping this cake for days in order to compare it with every attempt or suggestion I get? I used to do the ganache with gelatine before but I don't think it would make it a blanket-like shape. It was in a cold display and this layer is really hmmm whats the word "independet?" it actually got upside down inside the box and my mobile kinda fell on it but this X layer was not affected. Check this out, I got it now out of the fridge and peeled it more. What do you think?
  15. This is cafe so they don't know. Boy how easier it would have been if I could. Can you please a white chocolate ganache that is a separate layer (like a blanket) like this? If so, how?
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