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  1. I think many people feel about violette the way Churchill, Hitchcock, et al. felt about vermouth in Martinis.
  2. I made a Farewell to Hemingway after reading this lovely, thoughtful post about the Spanish Civil War, among other things. As for the drink itself, usually it's nicely refreshing and aromatic, but last night it just tasted like slightly sour cherry Lambic. It improved when I added a bit of Islay to it.
  3. What's your preferred spec? Also for the Collins, because, you know, topic.
  4. The Cubans make their Mojitos, which after all is just a twist on a Rum Collins, with a dash of Ango, so the idea is not entirely without precedent. I've got to try Adam's suggestion.
  5. I am available wherever a white Puerto Rican is called for.
  6. Here is "Jon" 's recipe for those curious.
  7. So far it's a good overview, written with Morgenthaler's customary clarity. My only real complaint is that I wish the book would go into serving and managing guests--how to help indecisive people with their orders, how to deal with rowdy or (too) drunk patrons, the fine points of serving (handing a glass with one's palm facing the guest, announcing the drink, etc). I do wonder what a book on technique by Don Lee would look like, though. (It would probably include a recipe for pot-infused mezcal.)
  8. I'm appreciating this book so far. A lot of it will seem basic to people here (choose citrus for freshness!), but just as much is too often overlooked, and it's good to have all this information on technique in one place.
  9. Rafa


    I actually like a Rickey with half an ounce of the gin replaced with Angostura and a ton of soda, no simple required. Toss a couple of cucumber slices into the tin while you're shaking and you're gold. Oh, and a bunch of Cynar, just to stay on topic.
  10. Rafa


    You're welcome to make one and report back. Alternative name is the Zellweger.
  11. Rafa


    Pfft. Show off. Be right back, I'm off to shoot an equal parts shot of lemon juice and Angostura, or a "Hassouni," as it's known in the biz.
  12. Morgenthaler's book, titled, with proper definitiveness, The Bar Book, is available tomorrow.
  13. Rafa


    I actually made this independently after trying the same pair's Suze Bramble, and I agree with your notes. Along with the Remember the Maine it reminded me a bit of a Little Giuseppe, albeit with fairly different ingredients.
  14. That's up to taste, my friend. I agree with you (I like the pungent spiciness of the green), but the honeyed mellowness of the yellow has its own appeal. Despite the family resemblance they're quite different products, both on their own and in mixed drinks.
  15. I'll man the bar. Agricole Daiquiris all around. Frog's will be garnished with lit birthday candles.
  16. That sounds great. I need to get some Perique. I much prefer your take on "The Raven" to Lou Reed's (RIP).
  17. Ah yes, good catch. I had failed to associate that one with Poe. It's a good drink, although flavorwise quite different from what we've been discussing; the Punt e Mes really dominates that one, and the gins give it a different feel. I made a variation on Prime Meats' 15 Second Punch this weekend, drying it out with rosé and Cava, adding extra lemon and lime, and substituting Cocchi Americano for the grapefruit juice. It proved popular, but partly due to my Cocchi substitution it kind of just tasted like elevated jungle juice to me. Nice, but not a classic. Unrelatedly, I've been told I'm doing a halfassed job of promoting my entry for this Broker's Gin/Tales of the Cocktail contest, which for marketing reasons is partly determined by votes/Facebook Likes, so this is my somewhat more assed attempt to remedy that. Should you be inclined to trade your vote and dignity for the e-tactile pleasure of clicking a "vote" button and a pound of your personal data, you can do so here. The rest of you can enjoy a recipe next to a photo of my hat-accented entry and my own unfortunately preserved expression. You can also vote for my friend Eric Witz, who wisely skirted the contest's "your face must be in the photo" rule by only showing his jaw, but he's currently in first place in our bracket and probably doesn't need the votes (cheers, Eric).
  18. Mind sharing the name of the store?
  19. ^^Agreed, that's an excellent drink, as is the similar Doe's Path. Thank you. I originally made it as a three ingredient drink (mezcal, Cynar, Amontillado) but thought it lacked cohesion (hence the bitters) and needed a little bit of sweetness to make the flavors pop (hence the liqueur, which had the added effect of lightening the brooding flavors, a trick I nicked from bostonapothecary's beautiful Alto Cucina). Trying it now, though, without the bitters or elderketchup, I find it works quite nicely. Even time can do good things to you. Let us not ignore the pressing matter at hand, however. No one has yet risen to Colonel Hawthorne's challenge, the good colonel, I am sad to say, very much included. Who among us will make a drink fit for a Poe? Certainly you, Leslie, given the Baltimore Bard's standing as a proto-steampunk (they just called it "punk" then) scribbler?
  20. Enjoy the white Barbancourt! I love the fresh lychee note.
  21. Oh dear. Not surprised that those lovely, subtle rums got clobbered by Bonal. I was thinking more Smith & Cross than Appleton's. Sorry to mislead!
  22. I think Mitch meant WT101, which is inded $40/liter at Astor. Rittenhouse is $25 for the 750.
  23. No, just assumed as (re)branding efforts are costly and usually only undertaken if they'll lead to more revenue. Rittenhouse is a bartender's darling at a time when that's a valuable thing to be; one could hardly blame them for raising the price more, if indeed they do, but we might have to start looking for other options in the ~$20 range (hello ri(1), your time may finally have come).
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