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  1. Dammit. I foolishly assumed I'd be one of the first to get a beer "vermouth" on a menu.
  2. It's sweater weather here and damned if I'll let the heat index keep me from my crushed ice drinks.
  3. Only when I'm tending. Add the always underrated Maison Premiere to that list, too.
  4. Try it in a Bamboo riff with fino or Manzanilla and Ango and/or orange bitters. Dry sakes are excellent in drinks with canteloupe or other flavorful melon juice, but that's a bit out of season. I've experimented with sakes in aromatic wine-accented sours (a la Corpse Reviver, 20th Century, etc) and think this is a good avenue for further experimentation. So far I've had good results with aromatic white spirits like Pisco/Singani, Solbeso, apricot eau de vie, Flor de Caña, etc.
  5. I would put Pouring Ribbons ahead of D&C, if only just, but it seems the drinking public at large disagrees. Dead Rabbit trumps all.
  6. Thanks to this thread I've learned that Midori's launch party was held as Studio 54. So now we can add "killing disco" to Suntory's crimes.
  7. Dan can rest easy for now: by the time I left the party, they were out of copies of the book. I'll have to make a pilgrimage to D&C to pick my copy up (you're welcome to ditch DC and join, Chris).
  8. Our own Chriss "Hassinho" Hassouni's inventive and delicious pop-up drinkery The Green Zone just got glowing coverage in Thrillist and a shout-out in Eater. If you're in DC and like tasty things, go tonight.
  9. I'll be with some friends at the launch party if anyone cares to join. I informed my bosses weeks ago that I'm taking that night off (and probably the next one, just to be safe). The book is included in the ticket price.
  10. Is this from the new book? Can't wait.
  11. A lot like the bianco, but with more berry and lemon peel. Nothing like Lillet Rouge or Rosé.
  12. I just meant that what most people call a Hemingway Daq these days (Maraschino, grapefruit , Daq trinity) is really a Papa Doble/No. 3. Hassouni's right that the Papa Doble and the HemiDaq are historically distinct.
  13. I love what the Industry boys are doing and am extremely impressed by the systematic yet inventive approach they've taken to distilling and intrigued by their results. Did you get to try any of their collection of micro-cut distillates, Stephen? They organize them by flavor profile, which is probably unheard of for a vodka distillery. I can't wait to see what they do next. I'd love to work with them.
  14. The original was made with a Cuban, molasses-based rum (Bacardi Carta Blanca). No reason why an agricole can't be lovely in this drink, however. Follow your bliss. The "Hemingway" was a La Floridita Daiquiri No. 3 (frappe ice, Maraschino, grapefruit) modified to accommodate the old man's diabetes (no sugar) and alcoholism (double the rum). It's also known as a Papa Doble.
  15. That sounds like a lovely drink all of its own.
  16. The new label grew on me, and the price is stable (for now).
  17. I hope the Lost Spirits Cuban rum lives up to the label.
  18. Jess Gonzalez' "Howl on the Hill" with Fernet Branca, yellow Chartreuse, absinthe, Antica, and El Dorado 15 and Santa Teresa 1796 rums. I got an unmistakable flavor of mint chocolate chip ice cream from this, and when I handed it to Jess she concurred and said it must have appeared because I left the drink on ice for too long before straining. I think she made the drink taste this way on purpose because she loves Baskin-Robbins' mint chocolate chip and I won't be persuaded otherwise.
  19. I like boston apothecary's technique of freeze-concentrating the pomegranate juice for extra pop.
  20. I like a mix of Maraschino liqueur and a dark cherry brandy a la Heering.
  21. I made a Kingston Negroni with these specs: 1 1/2 oz S&C 3/4 oz Punt e Mes 3/4 oz Campari 2 ds Regan's Big fat grapefruit twist One big rock. Sublime. My colleagues were less enthused about the Snoop Lion I made them than Mme. Frog was, however.
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