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  1. I am not sure I will like the soy sauce pasta. But if I am going to try, maybe some fruits pasta will catch my interest. Maybe try adding orange juice, lemon, strawberry or red dragon fruits juice.
  2. pangty

    Here come the tomatoes

    Make tomato soup. Then when serving it, add a scoop of ice cool cream cheese in it. It is so nice…
  3. pangty

    Onions with ... ?

    I like onions stir fry. Stir fry onions with pineapple, pork or beef with tomato sauce, it is yummy. Or you can try onions scrambled eggs, just eggs, onions, salt and pepper to taste, it is one of my favorite.
  4. pangty

    Potato Salad

    If you are trying to reduce the moist in the potatoes, I think baking it in oven is the best way. You can wrap it in foil if don’t want it to be too dry or burn.
  5. I am thinking if you don’t mind to mix with other ingredients, you can try to use bean curd (tofu). Just mash the bean curd and mix with cauliflower, guess it will more easy to shape it.
  6. pangty

    The Grilling Topic

    I love grilling too, even grill vegetables like mushroom, bell pepper taste really nice. If willing to spend more time on preparing the ingredients. These Asian style seafood grilling are really good. Check out these recipes: Grilled fish (Ikan Bakar) Grilled fish cake (Otak-otak)
  7. pangty

    Dried Shitakes

    Probably I will put them in a container and keep in fridge, and not more than one week. You can use them stir fry with vegetables, add into fried rice or cook with porridge.
  8. For squid and calamari, stir fry, grill, coated with batter and deep fry, cook soup, all are really nice. But personally I like grill and deep fry. For the octopus, you have to ask Korean. They love octopus. I always see from TV show that they eat it live and raw. But I really don’t have guts to try eating a living octopus.
  9. I was thinking that probably cook with water will preserve the original freshness and taste of some ingredients. Also, it might help us to reduce the salt taken into body since we can have better control of the salt added. Anyway, this is just my personal thinking.
  10. pangty

    Strange Rice

    It sound to me that you add too much water and make it into porridge. Add more water and cook for longer time with low heat, when cooking, try to stir it often, or you can use cooked rice to do it, but remember to stir it frequently, you get very creamy porridge and very yummy. Try to add seafood, pork meat ball or vegetables like carrot, celery. Add some soya sauce, sesame oil, and crack an egg, it taste really yummy. Remember to add some ginger too.
  11. Soup in our family always mean cook in slow cooker. I love pork rib, peanut and carrot soup. Or maybe you can add some potatoes. After hours of cooking in slow cooker, all ingredients are soft and the soup smells so nice. Oh...ya… another one which is my favourite is coconut chicken soup. Use coconut water and some coconut meat to cook with chicken. It is so sweet and smells so good.
  12. pangty

    Shellfish stock

    I know that some people use this method to cook shrimp base noodle soup. They do mince the shrimp shell and cook the shrimp stock. But normally deep fry or toasted the shrimp shell before mince it.
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