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  1. Wow! The food you're mentioning are all delicious. I also love buko pandan. Is that similar to macapuno pandan? And I never tried silvanas. I googled it and it looks so delicious. Do you have a recipe for that? Talk about ensaymada, they are also one of my favourites as well as Spanish bread! I'm getting hungry...
  2. Thank you janeer! Oh I see, that's my first time knowing that. I guess there are dishes in different continents that are somehow similar. Maybe I should try fruit parfait because I've never tried that one before.
  3. Hi guys! I got excited to post something as this is my first one. So, the top 3 desserts I like to eat when I was still in Philippines were Halu-halo (literally means mix-mix in english), brazo de mercedes and chocolate crinkles. 1. HALU-HALO is one of the popular food during summer. This is basically: shaved ice with evaporated milk, sugar, and the following: - nata de coco (coconut cream based on a google search, these are cube-like jellies), - sweetened red beans, - sweetened bananas, - cooked sago or tapioca, - ube or purple yam,
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