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  1. The Dallas Morning News reported a couple or so weeks ago that they will open in the same location in about 5 months. I haven't yet visited them at their temporary place in the Quadrangle and probably won't. Can't wait until they come back to East Dallas.
  2. I will not "waste" my calories. I have to at least really LIKE what I am eating (be it a hot dog or a 5 * meal), otherwise I consider it using up my calories for nothing.
  3. Tomorrow's DMNews Guide has the following review to offer: http://www.guidelive.com/profile/105637/
  4. irodguy, 9 Fish sounds great--I love sashimi, just wish I could afford to eat it more often. I live in Dallas proper and have yet to venture outside the city limits (DFW metroplex wise) for sushi. My city favorite is Teppo. The sushi/robato bar is cool and chic. Raw and cooked items are first class. For a more casual meal I love Sushi House on Lovers (near Inwood). A lovely Korean couple own the place and they make you feel so at home, especially if you sit at the bar. Miso soup is the best in town imo. Fish is fresh, prices are reasonable, and they strive to please. Ikura last week was wonderful--the pieces were bite sized with ample roe without rice overload. Easily the best proportioned I've had in years.
  5. Cynthia and Verjuice, Thanks so much for the suggestions. The trip is looking brighter now for the kids (ages 13 & 11) and me. Celine
  6. Cynthia, I suspected Angel Fire was culinarily dismal when I did a search for something nice to eat and nothing surfaced. The family I was born in to is the greatest in the world, but food does not drive them. I'm a complete oddball to them. They will undoubtedly heckle me for driving to Taos *just to eat*, but hell, it's my vacation too. Please advise. Thanks, Celine
  7. My brother decided that our whole family should take advantage of a steal deal on a large cabin in Angel Fire, N.M. the first week in July. That's cool, but my kids and I would like to experience some good local eats while in the area. I will have a rental car. Any recommendations? We are open to almost anything. Thanks, Celine
  8. I double sampled something at Whole Foods a few months ago and then made the comment to a WF employee that it was so good that I could probably make a meal out of it but most likely would be asked to leave before I did so. So replied, "No, actually you *could* do that." I asked her if she was kidding and she said no. I guess just the fear of appearing to be a freeloading hog makes us not do that. At least it works for me. Celine
  9. Well, I now shop at Wal-Mart on a weekly basis. The prices are great, but the screaching, running children without parental supervision make me almost want to pay someone to do all this for me. Scaling down from sashimi laden dinners at a top notch Japanese restaurant to ramen laden/sushi roll lunches at an Asian grocery store. Also, I now ask myself daily before I buy something....do I really need this? will I really use this before its expiration date? Celine
  10. I just have only one thing to add to all the wonderful posts that have been made: Cella's Chocolate Covered Cherries (all the others I've ever tasted were crap). Celine
  11. Here's a link to the Pittsburg place: http://www.pittsburghotlinks.com/ In the Dallas area only a few stores carry them. I get mine at Minyards in the Pleasant Grove area on Lake June. Mabelline, thanks for the tip about Niester's--I'll definitely have to drive out there and check it out. Celine
  12. Celine

    Fantasy sandwich

    And my personal winner is: Slices of extremely rare tenderloin on toasted sourdough with my mother's muffeletta(sp?) spread and alfalfa sprouts. Runners up: A black olive, cream cheese, mayo mixture on rye with either/ or both bacon and jalapeno slices. Smoked salmon, red onions,capers, avocado slices on pumpernickel smeared with cream cheese. Whole Foods' jalapeno pimento cheese w/fresh toms, sprouts or baby spinach leaves, and mayo. Usually I add additional pickled jalapeno slices. The Reuben, but without the usual dressing....I prefer mine w/a grainy mustard instead, and even plain yellow mustard before the traditional. My beloved white bread, thick hunk of beef bologna, processed American cheese and onion sandwich. A Claussen on the side, of course. Pork ribs w/hot sauce on anything. A whole wheat pita stuffed w/avocado, sprouts, cherry tomatoes, and a mustard(just plain yeller)/mayonaise combo. Celine
  13. Pristine sashimi puts me in Heaven, but I do prefer to balance the meal with nigiri pieces and/or maybe a good roll. Maki wise, I love the salmon skin. I look forward to hearing what you like, Kristin. Celine
  14. My strongest craving with the my first was banana pudding. Also, smoked salmon with capers, onions, lemon. I also ate significant amounts of tuna, spinach, & liver...I wanted them almost daily. With my second daugher I felt nauseated most of the 9 months. I don't remember a particular craving, just wanting to eat more frequently to avoid the puke feeling. Anything salty, always. Celine
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