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  1. Not the best color balance but a pretty darn heart healthy dinner of seafood and salad. Fried soft-shell crabs, oysters and green tomatoes served with smoked corn mayo (Vivian Howard recipe), remoulade and mixed salad green mix.
  2. They were pretty darn tasty. Cooked on a gas grill close to perfection for my taste. I went on the under-cooked side since I've had a problem lately with flare-ups. I've been slacken on grill maintenance if truth be told. The Ajinomoto brand that I'm using has to be at least three years old. I split a ~1 lb. package with a friend and sub-divided into about 8 portions that I vacuumed bagged using a chamber sealer. The stuff is still doing the job.
  3. We really enjoyed the first batch. I was worried that I was a little to aggressive with the smoke but it turned out great. We're still getting good tomatoes so lunch was elbow lick sandwiches on an italian/semolina/sesame bread from the farmers market. I vacuum bagged three additional portions of fresh smoked corn and may prep some more if the corn holds till next week. I haven't read the full thread but it's quite interesting to observe that my local fare is somewhat alien to many of the Egullet family. I've seen many post extolling the virtues of Rancho Gordo beans when we have access to many varieties (that are superior IMHO) of fresh beans/peas that are routinely blanched, frozen, and are a daily staple. To add to Vivian's comment peas (pink eyed purple hulls were my mom's favorite) were served during the week and butterbeans (baby lima) were reserved for Sunday dinner (served at noon). If you had dinner of creamed corn and butterbeans you were having formal meal. A lima bean was a mealy, dried bean cooked up with a ham hock that was served at meat and 3 lunch spots. Here's a couple of photo's of fresh beans from the markets this weekend. The first is speckled butterbeans (Rattlesnake Beans!) from a Mennonite farm stand. And butterbeans and peas from the local produce market. Dinner tonight (it was the big meal, lunch was the sandwiches) was fried green tomatoes, oysters and softshell crabs. Served with remoulade, roasted corn mayo and salad greens mix.
  4. Smoked Mayo Prep. I went all in with 12 ear's of fall corn smoked with river birch.
  5. I'll have to give this thread a little bump. Last week I prepared a butterflied rump roast with meat glue and tonight some chicken thighs stuffed with homemade toulouse sausage. The roast was cooked SV ( 24 hr. @ ~138) and the thighs will be grilled tomorrow.
  6. My neighbor had a pig roast yesterday and my contribution was Toulouse sausage. Fortunately for us folks on the Gulf Coast the weather finally cooled off and it was a lovely evening. I also made a "in the spirit of" North African sausage with a Harissa blend. Here's the Toulouse sausage before linking. And tonight beef rump roast that was butterflied, seasoned with Worldspice beef rub and home made cured kumquats. Sous vide for 24 hrs @ 138 F. To gild the lily I also bacon wrapped the beef using transglutaminase. The roast was really tasty.
  7. Tamworth pork shanks from http://www.bigcreekfarmflorida.com/ cooked Osso Bucco style. Served with gremolata, mushroom risotto (carnaroli rice) and a side of wilted spinach.
  8. Dinner hit the spot. Fried oysters and greek salad.
  9. Host's note: this topic has been split into multiple segments to improve server efficiency; the previous segment is here: Dinner 2016 (Part 8) This week Winn-Dixie has a sale for $6.99# bone in rib-eyes,strips, porterhouse and T-bones. I bought a huge 1.9# rib-eye and a marked down package with two boneless rib-eyes. Cooked over lump charcoal and served with individual Potatoes Anna and cucumber salad. The medium size steak feed three and the big boy will be become steak sandwiches And a dessert from last week. Pear cake with red wine syrup and candied pecans.
  10. Chicken cooked with masala sambar blend from WorldSpice, homemade preserved kumquat and onion. Served over rice with carrots, peas and a dab of mixed pickle and sour cream since we were a little short in the raita department. Not even close in the authentic department but quite tasty.
  11. Really nice photo's and the serving pieces are really nice. That hake dish is the bomb.
  12. I debone the thighs myself. I usually pay between $0.99 to $1.09 # for thighs versus $2.50 for skinless. The skin gets nuked for cracklings and fat gets used for matzo balls, confit, top dressing for the dogs, etc. I vacuum bag the bones and freeze until I accumulate enough for stock. A little trick that I saw on a food program years ago was to make a quick slit length wise along the back of the thigh then pinch the meat away from the bone in the center. You then slice/scrap toward the either end.
  13. Dinner last night was a little comfort food french style. Potatoes dauphinois With skin on deboned chicken thighs in a light tarragon cream sauce.
  14. Pretty wet Sunday on the gulf coast so I cooked a couple of butts in the oven instead of the grill.. They became the main course last night with a few appetizers. Shashito peppers, compressed melon with feta and fried green tomatoes with shrimp and remoulade.
  15. Dinner tonight was knoshing a bit of BBQ prepped for Labor Day. A choice beef brisket that was kind of like me - thick through the mid section. The point and unusually plump mid-section lead to a very moist flat. Dinner a few nights ago was eggplant and okra (!) Parmesan.
  16. A couple of quick dishes tonight. Spinach meat balls from the freezer summerized with gremolata. And very ripe plantains with caramelized brown sugar and butter. Topped with Ben & Jerry's ice cream, heavy cream from the ISI whipper, and walnuts.
  17. dcarch, pretty hectic here too. Sunday nights dinner party turned out to be scheduled for next weekend. I sure enjoyed the non-leftovers. Spinach and mushroom fritatta and roasted eggplant pockets with tomato, feta and mint. I grilled some ribs that afternoon for lunch during the week. Monday after work I went through the fridge and prepped a few more items. And although not pictured I sweated down a 2# bag of spinach with butter and garlic. The spinach was cooked al dente and the pan juices became a nice little shooter - it would be a great amuse bouche. I've got to work on keeping my toasted breadcrumbs from sinking. Last but not least a little chicken and rice.
  18. We had BBQ shrimp the other night and had some left-overs. Thinking ahead to the next meal I tired to extract that last little bit of goodness from the shrimp heads. I have a juicer that I inherited from my mom and I used it to squeeze the fat emulsion from the carapace. Definitely liquid gold. More seafood last night. A southern fritto misto. Shrimp, oysters, squash, and vidalia onions.
  19. That is one beautiful dish.
  20. Last nights dinner-blackened chicken thighs with basil avocado cream, new potatoes and tomato/zucchini ribbons. The thighs were deboned, trimmed of excess fat. I nuked the trimmings for cracklings and schmaltz. The first course tonight was from way back in the freezer. Winter squash ravioli with brown butter and sage.
  21. I was pretty damn hungry after skipping dinner last night since I was having an echo-cardiogram and nuclear- isotope-whatever for breakfast/brunch. You would think, for what they charge, that they could at least give you a decent cup of coffee prior to the second trip through the scanner. Although I'll admit that a nice cappuccino would have made it a little harder to stay still. My wife is in rehab from hip replacement surgery and I have lot, figuratively on the plate, so dinner was a vege, heart friendly, affair. Fried green tomatoes and eggplant, served with a dab of remoulade, and kick a** yellow squash salad. The salad included greek olives and olive oil, red onion, bulgarian feta, mint, parsley, and red wine vinegar. And some nice tomatoes as a back stop.
  22. Back to shrimp tonight with green fried tomatoes and a creole remoulade sauce. The remoulade recipe is from Raised on a Roux, http://raisedonaroux.com/remoulade-sauce/ and it's pretty powerful stuff. Definitely a little dab'll do ya. The shrimp between the layers are sliced in half lengthwise to give the tomatoes a little chance to shine.
  23. Beautiful photo. And like posts from huiray I have to do a search for ingredients.
  24. If your looking for stewed okra and tomatoes keep moving. Fresh, tender okra cooked until just "al dente" in pan juices from roasted chicken thighs and homemade Toulouse sausage. Added fresh tomatoes and cooked just long enough to warm but not render to much juice. Served on jasmine rice topped with shrimp, feta, and jalapeno.
  25. Kind of the SV Holy Trinity (IMHO) - pork chop + circulator + grill. Really nice chops seasoned and vacuum bagged over night. Two hours @ 140 in the circulator (Anova) after I got home from work and finished one minute per side on a smoking hot grill. Served with a simple salad topped with Bulgarian feta. 16 oz seemed to be a little excessive. So I trimmed off a little bit of the lean for the dogs.
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