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  1. Well looks like Noodles & Co will be on my list of establishments to visit in the US when I am wanting something "chainy" http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2590823/Please-DO-NOT-tip-waiter-Noodle-restaurant-implements-unusual-gratuity-policy-respect-does-not-cost-anything.html
  2. PSmith

    AAA v. Michelin

    Personally I also tend to ignore the Michelin accredations as well. I prefer to go for value for money and use Trip Advisor or recommendations from friends when I am eating out in unfamilar areas.
  3. PSmith

    Food funnies

    Excellent - I love a bit of food humour. I posted an example on my blog yesterday - not for the easily offended. http://www.thecriticalcouple.co.uk/
  4. Food Porn - not exactly Sitophilia

  5. I saw that. Actually Ristorante pizzas are quite good. My pizza of choice when I want a night off from cooking.
  6. You've seen the before photos - what about the after.

  7. Seems that Marcus Wareing has fallen foul of the food hygiene rating recently http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2362746/Kitchen-nightmare-celebrity-chef-Marcus-Wareing-hygiene-inspectors-fail-Michelin-star-restaurant-finding-flies-E-coli-risk.html
  8. Not if you wear a hearing aid. My Dad was profoundly deaf. Wearing a hearing aid just amplifies sounds. The ear cannot hone in and be selective so you can hear a conversation. He used to lip-read a lot, but that only works when you are facing the person speaking. If we were going out for a meal, I would ring and check to make sure they didn't have any music/tvs etc, so we knew we had a reasonable chance of holding a conversation. Once we went to an "a la carte" restaurant only to discover one of our fellow diners had a young child. Normally not a problem, but this one was allowed to run about between the tables and then stand behind its chair rocking it on the stone floor meaning that my Dad missed every fifth word that was being said.
  9. It just seems to me that the "sanctimonious twits" thing is stonger with vegans and vegetarians than it is with meat eaters.
  10. Oh my. If I dined with people like this, I would be asking the waiter (with a sneaky wink of the eye) if he could provide the GPS coordinates of the cow that provided the milk for the cheese.
  11. Nutella - straight from the jar on a spoon. Occasionally I have a dollop on ice-cream. The cold ice cream makes it go chewy. Add a pancake or two and I am in heaven.
  12. On the "Customer is not always right" thread the following post from gfweb was made which I can relate to I did a really bad thing last week. I lied to someone who wanted to invite themselves to a meal we were having in a restaurant with friends. I made up some excuse to put them off - because they were a pain in the arse vegetarian. We have been out to restaurants with them before and they once demanded to see the kitchen to make sure their veggie fart burger wasn't cooked on the same grill as the meat ones. My other half and I were cringing with embarrassment. They have also had a strop to the server about menus not having enough vegetarian options. So when they found out we were having a meal with some other friends locally, they dropped big hints that they would like to join us, but I managed to supply enough excuses for them to get the hint that we didn't want them there. Guess I am off their Christmas Card list now. *snigger* So how obliging are the rest of you carnivores to your veggie friends?
  13. Good thread revival that I must have missed first time round. Personally I would never dream of asking for something to be changed. My OH hates mushrooms, so he rarely orders something with mushrooms, but if he does, then they are left on the side of his plate for me to help myself.
  14. Article on the BBC website today http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-22846846
  15. Interesting. I only tend to use Morrisons for their excellent dry cleaning service. Next time I will have a good look round. We went there only last month. The OH and I were lounging around in our track suits at home and then decided to take the dry-cleaning to Morrisons. Normally my tracksuit only gets worn indoors or at the gym, so I was just going to change into my jeans when the OH suggested we went as we were, as we would fit right in with the rest of the customers. LOL
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