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  1. Was it in the most recent issue of Saveur? I was skimming my copy and saw and article on Costco and first growths. It might have been in Saveur. Are you referring to the their top 100 issue? I do have it at home. absolutely saveur top 100. just read it.
  2. Hi Ms. Hesser- I am wondering about the editorial guidelines / restrictions you receive from the NYT? You column is a wonderful mix of personal anecdote/ recipe / review; was this what you always intended or was there influnce from the masthead? Are there any columns you've written but then withdrawn as too personal? Or are you ever encouraged to insert more of yourself into a piece? Thanks in Advance. I'm a huge fan!
  3. opening cooks at vong chicago (pre-transformation) avg'd $8-10/hr.
  4. tigger26

    Guinness Extra Cold

    i had to laugh recently when i saw a local chicago daily headline touting local bars with the best cold guiness. and no, i dont think it was trend spotting, just bad writing/editing.
  5. Hi Chef- Just wondering which direction you feel influence travels more strongly in, ie does your restaurant life absolutely effect what you do creatively outside the kitchen, or are you happy enough to be involved in other things that you leave it all behind? Or maybe the opposite is true that excellent but infrequent soujourns away from the kitchen have huge influence when you're writing new menus?
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