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  1. Have you just tried the trick with disconnecting the power of the unit while at max vacuum? I know this worked with the MVS chamber machines, and assuming the solenoid air valve works fairly similar on all chamber sealers its worth a try. The MVS line is able to hold vaccum in the chamber while disconnected up to 20 minutes and it would be nice to see some comparisons on different models
  2. Robert, did you buy the gas flush unit to your 35xp? i wonder how hard it is to retrofit. Im guessing PolyScience doesnt sell them with the gas option
  3. Yeah, im looking into a service that ships directly from NJ to Norway, but its still nice to see what the shipping cost is originally, and direct shipping is probably quicker. Also i want to know about the motor oil and slant tray Robert mentioned. It would suck to have it shipped over half the world to find out stuff is missing or that the motor needs immediate service. On that side note, I was lucky enough to get out of Norway for a couple of weeks a few years ago - absolutely loved it and can't wait for a chance to do it again :-P
  4. They do deliver 220v models also. I would ofcourse buy from Europe if that was an option, but honestly i find all other manufacturer models to be butt ugly. They are rather large and bulky machines so attention to detail is important to increase WAF. As we all know WAF is the only value that matters when bringing anything gadgety into the home, especially when you cant hide it in a cupboard or drawer :-P
  5. Being in Europe phone might not be the best way of communications, but ill have to give it a try soon. I just dont seem to get any replies via mail. Last year when i had my heart set on a MVS 31x i tried mailing DougCare but didnt get any replies from them either, so at that time i just postponed the purchase in hope i would find a machine in Europe i would be comfortable buying. Nothing came up so now im back at trying to order from the US, and now i really want that 35xp from PolyScience. I need to know about the shipping rates before purchase, because they can be really hideous on heavy ite
  6. Can anyone whos been in contact with cuisine technology /polyscience tell me how they did it, and what their response time was? Ive tried both the form on their webpage and email, but still no answer 10 days later.
  7. Is it possible that since your at such an high altitude the gague wont go low enough to read the relative pressure? Have you tried to boil distilled water to check the factual vacuum in the chamber? Edit; nevermind, i just read up on the previous page again.
  8. I own a MyPressi Twist wich i find to be a good home option. The pros of this unit is obviously storage space and price, its also easy to clean. The cons as opposed to a professional unit is the lack of a steamer, so to complete the setup i use a iSi cream whipper that i heat with milk in a water bath to 70░C for lattes and such. Also, since there is no steamer you have no place to warm your cups. If you drink espresso more than a couple of times a week i would go for a more permanent fixture in your kitchen.
  9. Thanks for the feedback. When youve contacted CuisineTechnology, did you call them or use the contact form/mail? I havent gotten any reply from them yet since two days ago I cant see any difference in the description on the oils on their pages, but i trust you know something i dont :-)
  10. Hi Im on the verge of buying the mvs 35xp, assuming i can get it shipped to this side of the pond. Do you know Robert, if you can disable the reciept printing when you dont need it, or if its mandatory, what happens when the roll runs out of paper? Does anyone know if there are any european b2c dealers of the MiniPack machines? seems strange that theyre made in italy but impossible to get over here.
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