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  1. Hi Thanks - it's as much because I have a load of sodium citrate to hand and no ascorbic
  2. Does anyone know what sort of ratio sodium citrate should be added to say broccoli puree/juice to delay the 'browning' effect? Had a lengthy search and I get a lot of cheese hits (obviously!) Cheers Daniel
  3. I've done those before - I simply laid some plastic wrap over hemisphere molds, drizzled some truffle oil over the plastic wrap, and cracked the eggs into the molds. To get the air out i just worked it out with my hands and twisted the opening shut closing it with a small rubber band. If your eggs are floating (and your plastic is sealed well), try gently resting a fork or two over the egg to keep it submerged. Thanks - I had thought about those molds and hence I had a delivery yesterday of one - will try as you suggest and perhaps be more forceful!
  4. That's frankly an extraordinary colour for Pork - looks wonderful.
  5. I've been trying to make the Egg Blossom from MC book but am really struggling to get the air out when wrapping/trying the plastic wrap - then of course they won't sink in the SV - anyone with suggestions of how to get round this? I am doing a sci-fi dinner in a few weeks and was planning on separating the white and staining with blue food colour and then re-assembling - I want my guests to feel slightly 'uncomfortable' with what they are eating Planning to do some Racht (http://en.memory-alpha.org/wiki/Racht) so might try making some spaghetti and squid ink. Daniel
  6. Daniel72

    Bacon Foam

    The recipe didn't suggest cooking the eggs - just adding them to the infused cream - to some degree I don't want thickness as I'm looking to get that airy foam bit one that holds at the same time
  7. Daniel72

    Bacon Foam

    Thanks, will have a go at this as I've got those in the larder!
  8. Daniel72

    Bacon Foam

    Morning Have been attempting to make the above which is to go on top of a nettle soup...first couple of attempts have tasted fine but the foam hasn't lasted. The make-up WAS spanish bacon lardons rendered down, cooled and added to cream (300G) - after 30 mins, bacon removed, 2 egg yolks added, then blitzed and put in cream whipper and charged with 2 nitro bulbs. Looked fine but foam collapsed quickly and was left with a very nice tasting bacon cream. So, should I drop the cream and use a light chicken stock, use some soya lecithin instead/as well? Thoughts appreciated! Daniel
  9. Daniel72

    Chicken Stock

    I use chicken wings only for when making stock, be it white or brown - amazing flavour, very fresh and plenty of bone to get that jelly feel to the chilled stock.
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