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  1. I will be staying downtown at the Hotel Palomar but am more than happy to take a taxi to a good restaurant.
  2. I am going to be in San Diego in December and would appreciate some suggestions for places to eat. My preference is for places that serve interesting and excellent food without trying to do the Michelin starred service thing.
  3. Thanks for the very useful information. I think that I will plan to use the combination of some slivered truffles folded into the mashed potatoes and then room temperature truffles shave on top at the table. We will see how it works out tonight.
  4. a quick follow up. Had an absolutely outstanding meal at Woodberry Kitchen. Great atmosphere, simple but fantastic food. Its a bit of a trip from downtown but absolutely worth it. Salt was reasonably good but not at the level of Woodberry. Also had a very good meal at the dinning room in the Four Seasons Hotel which was very nice.
  5. I have just bought 4oz of fresh Perigord Truffles and have a question about whether the truffles should be warmed to release their maximum flavour or simply shaved ontop of the dish. Two weeks ago I got ahold of a Burgundy Fall truffle and was struck by the fact that when we shaved it ontop of an omelet the flavour was not nearly as strong as when we made another omelet and rolled the shaved truffles inside. With the Perigord Truffles I plan to use them to make truffled mashed potatoes. I had planned on shaving them over the individual servings at the table but now I am wondering if it would be better to fold them into the potatoes before serving them.
  6. I am going to be in Baltimore from December 2-6th and would appreciate any comments about places to eat. Based on this discussion thread I am thinking about Salt as worth the effort to get to (I will be staying at the Kimpton hotel downtown). As the postings on this thread are a bit old I was wondering if anyone has recent dining experience at Salt or has any other suggestions. As far as what I am looking for: excellent food, not too complicated, not too pretentious. Also if possible a restaurant that would allow me to bring a special bottle of wine and charge me a corkage fee.
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