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  1. On 6/25/2019 at 6:04 PM, liamsaunt said:

    Grilled shrimp and eggplant with fish sauce, mint, cilantro and lime




    Hi Liam, 


    How did you cook the eggplants? I am trying to get new recipes for this amazing vegetable, and yours looks really fine.



  2. On 11/9/2017 at 6:30 PM, Ann_T said:

    Last night's dinner.

    Grilled a Porterhouse steak to share with Moe. I got the tenderloin portion. 

    Served with roasted potatoes with mushrooms, onions, peppers and garlic. Seasoned with salt, pepper and basil.


    The side looks very nice. How did you cook that? Thanks

  3. On 8/2/2017 at 8:49 PM, ChocoMom said:


    The butcher tries to pack all the similar items together in cardboard boxes, and has them all rock-solid frozen and ready when I come to pick it up. Once I go through each box, and have an idea where everything is, I spend the next 3 hours driving home and mentally dividing up the contents based on customer orders.  I just fill in the sales orders with the weights and costs, then have the customers come and pick up their orders. If the timing is right and the season has been good, I send them off with fresh veggies from the garden to toss in with their roast. =) 


    Andrea, where do you live that it takes a 3-hour drive to the butcher's? It is really nice that you raise your meat.

  4. XinJiang yangrou chuanr - style lamb (the ubiquitous grilled lamb skewers you see all around China) with naan bread and kimchi (not shown). Since I live in an apartment, the lamb was grilled on the gas stove, without the nice chuanr, but the taste was nonetheless awesome. I used cumin, Sichuan peppercorns, hot pepper flakes and fennel for the meat. 






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  5. 19 hours ago, sartoric said:

    Lemon rice, quick spiced potatoes, eggplant in yoghurt, spinach dal, roti paratha, coconut chutney, tomato chutney, lime pickles. The lemon rice is becoming a firm favourite way to use leftover cooked rice. It's so simple, fry a tsp of mustard seeds in oil, add curry leaves, minced chillies, and juice of half a lemon. Add rice and mix through.


    how do you make the coconut chutney? looks good

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  6. Fish & spinach tagine. I tried to replicate the super-recipe at Saveur du Poisson (a.k.a. Popeye) in Tangier, Morocco; used angler fish and home-made chermoula and harissa, as well as preserved lemons. Dish did not come out 100% like the original, but very close. If you like fish and want to try something other than fry or grill, this is a must-make.




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  7. 6 hours ago, Norm Matthews said:


    The picture of the cabbage rolls showed it served in a bowl with the thin sauce.  I opted to serve it with rice on the same plate because I thought my Korean son would like it that way.  When I said 'no rice' I meant that rice is usually included in stuffed cabbage filling, rather than on the side.  Perhaps I should have said 'unusual' instead of 'strange'.   I have several Japanese and Korean cookbooks and I can't recall the use of tomatoes in any of them.  



    Hi Norm, 


    Amazing that Japan has its version of stuffed cabbage rolls. What type of cabbage did you use? Nappa / white - was it fresh or pickled? If fresh, did you boil it before-hand?


    The Turkish/Middle Eastern/East European versions of stuffed rolls all have rice inside, and most of them use tomato puree in the braise. 


    Any link to the recipe (or at least the name it goes by in Japan) will be appreciated.

  8. SV lamb with wine-braised cabbage. 

    Lamb was supposed to stay 20 hrs @ 61C but ended up 28 hours in the bath. The whole thing went in the oven for a couple of hours; big advantage is that the SV finishing step could be forgot - the meat got a very nice finishing from the oven. 




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  9. Hangover smoked pork sour kimchi soup - for the horrible drunk within. 


    Had a batch of kimchi that was terrorizing my fridge, my house and probably my neighbors (twas 9-10 months old), and had to do something about it. Was a bit hung over to even weigh the possibilities. So I threw it in the pressure cooker together with smoked pork ribs, couple of oyster mushrooms, pork stock, onion, bit of ginger and Korean chile flakes / gochukaru. 


    Scores high up there with Tom Yum for booze-relieving broths.


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  10. I just bought these greens from the neighborhood Asian grocery. Had them once in China as a salad, and they tasted exceptional - a bit peppery like arugula, yet much more subtle and fresh, with hints of lemon.

    Store lady (non-Chinese) could not name them for me other than "Chinese greens".

    Any help identifying them is greatly appreciated :)



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  11. Hi Anna,

    I should have been more clear - I used gochukaru - the Korean chile powder - and probably less than 1 cup - about 6 tbsp (I err on the spicy side). I have not put eggs in it yet, just gobbled it up on bread / naan :). It is hot, but bearable.

    LE: I also used 4 tbsp of 1:1 garlic-ginger paste, 1.5 tsp kosher salt and 1 tbsp sugar, which may not be exactly the quantities shown in the video. YMMV

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  12. Pressure-cooked curry base.

    Taken from this fine gent - Vah (I love his stuff): 



    Enriched mine with powdered green cardamom, cinnamon and a pinch of fenugreek powder (a tiny bit). Tastes very good on its own once cooled, will use it with meat tomorrow. I know it does not look like much. It was just tonight's dinner, with some fresh pan-cooked naan (no pics taken).


    For me, it is the thing to do when I have plenty of ripe tomatoes ready to spoil and onions lying around. 




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  13. Cemitas for sandwiches tonight. 

    As per James Kenji Lopez-Alt's recommendation, I used cream in the dough instead of milk and butter (he said heavy cream i.e. 38%, I only had light whipping cream i.e. 30%). 

    I am extremely happy with the result.


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