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  1. jlaw

    Making Limoncello

    yes - i custom add sugar and water to get the alcohol level and sweetness i desire. i also believe the higher the alcohol % during the soaking of the zest, the better (or faster) it will extract the oils. makes sense to me! it just seems a lot of people here are dismissing the use of grain... i was curious if they had actually tried it!
  2. jlaw

    Pesto Basics

    has anyone found (or formulated) a pesto recipe based on weight instead of volume? i think basil leaves and cheese are the 2 worst things to measure by volume, and both can compact to great degrees... maybe someone who makes it frequently and has a good sense can weight the ingredients as they are added? i am especially intrigued by marcella hanza's recipe...
  3. an interesting ice cream recipe using invert sugar, regular sugar, and dextrose: http://dviola.net/post/8787103048/basil-ice-cream based on a recipe from Michael Laiskonis with some even odder ingredients...
  4. jlaw

    Making Limoncello

    has anyone here made limoncello with everclear and vodka? most people seem to dump on the everclear... i have made 2 batches with it (actually some other brand of 190 or 195 proof alcohol) and i would say the result is very drinkable. now, i have no point of reference, as i have never had commercial product nor that made by anyone else... just wonderin'