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  1. When I was given my kitchenaid, it had an ice cream making attachment. I found it clumsy - and in the end, it broke. I would now like to make ice cream, and am wondering about the need for a special container to store it in the freezer. The recipes I've seen do not require a special machine to 'make' the ice cream, but they all require a specific container to put in the freezer. Is there a way around more contraptions? Does anyone have any experience in making the ice cream and just putting it in the freezer in a metal container?? Thanks...
  2. Thanks Chris...I'll try the Parkay, and hope that it doesn't change the flavour too much. My problem has been with consistency and the fact that the other ingredients don't 'bind' to the cheaper margarines... Jenni - I don't use butter because it isn't shelf stable...needs to be refrigerated. I am finalizing the recipe to sell it through restaurants and bars locally, and shelf stability is VITAL.
  3. I make a standard chicken wing sauce with margarine as the base (margarine is shelf stable and doesn't require refrigeration). I've been using 'I Can't Believe It's Not Butter' for years, but am having more and more difficulty finding it here (anyone who's travelled and shopped in the Bahamas should understand...) I'm wondering if anyone has made this kind of sauce and had any luck with different margarines. I've use a couple of generic brands and they are horrible...very plastic tasting and doesn't bind to the rest of the ingredients. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  4. If I can't get past the host, it really doesn't matter how good the recipes or prep are, I'm afraid. And the top of that list is Giada Di Laurentis. How does a person smile and manage to show ALL their teeth? Her voice (complete with overdone italian pronunciations)is like nails on a chalkboard for me... A close second is Tyler Florence, already mentioned. Does anyone else get the impression that he got beaten up alot in school? As for a favourite? I'm a fan of Jamie At Home...simple meals and thoroughly enjoyable to watch! The camera work is wonderful to my eye...
  5. I'm green with envy...reading about all the wonders to be found in your backyards and surrounding areas. Unfortunately, the only foraging I can do in the Bahamas comes from trees and the sea. So I suppose my foraging story would be about diving up conch and making a scorch, right in the boat, with the sweet pepper, tomato, onion and bird pepper I'd brought along...
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