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  1. More complex than suggestion above, and sounds good. I wonder ... is 1/4 C. vinegar for 3# of beef sounds abt. right for a marinade? I'll have to try this. Thanks for the suggestion!
  2. Mr. Bourdain mentioned/tasted a meat dish during his Sri Lanka/Ceylon episode that I believe was marinated in vinegar and cooked with chilis and lime, perhaps prepared in southern Sri Lanka. A Google search for same yielded no results. Can someone suggest how to prepare such a dish and provide a recepe or two?
  3. I love Buffalo Wings. But, they seem disproportionately expensive at restaurants, and in fresh/raw form they're way more expensive than leg quarters, or legs, or thighs (which would be way more meaty). How would I deep-fry legs and thighs (temp. and time), or bake a healthier "knock off" version of Buffalo wings (temp., time, coating) using legs and thighs?
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