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  1. I have very mixed feelings about SV beef. I have done the 48 hour short ribs at 140 degrees numerous times using the best quality bone in short ribs I can find. The meat is very very tender, however just by looking at the beef after slicing it, you can tell it is not "juicy." The texture of the meat looks dry, and when I eat it, it taste more like roast beef then a juicy steak. I tried sous vide with no marinade and I found a lot of juice left in the bag. Isn't that all the moisture that has left the meat? I know using marinades and deep frying the short ribs help, but isn't the meat itself dry? Anyone have similar results or am I doing something wrong?
  2. When I Sous Vide the bone in short ribs there is a LOT of juice that comes out and left in the bag. Doesn't this mean that a lot of moisture has be lost?
  3. I find Sous vide Short ribs cooked at 48 hours at 60c to be dry. I mean they come out very tender, but when you cut into it, it even looks dry with very little juice. I find that pan searing the short ribs instead comes out juicier, although chewier. Anyone else have this experience? And yes I did use very high quality short ribs.
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