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  1. Hey Guys, I am desperate to get a booking here in for a special event 99days, now I know reservations open 90days prior but anyone know at what time do I need to be online to quickly click to book? Any advice? Thanks!
  2. Margot's in Padstow is a must for me as well. Went there last week and in my Girlfriends words "That Hake was the best meal I have had this year". Very relaxed atmosphere with some smashing food!
  3. Anyone have any recommendations for a good pub in Wiltshire/Somerset? Would normally go to Royal Oak @ Paley Street however they are closed on Sunday evenings so looking for somewhere on the way home from London . Thankyou!
  4. Well all the reports I can find are quite old but look stunning!!! Cant wait for mine and my partners dinner on the 15th Sept
  5. Hey Guys, Anyone have any recent reports on Margot's Bistro? looking at going there in September for me and my partners weekend Camel Trail ride. Many Thanks!
  6. Hey Guys, Travelling to Petaling Jaya in 5 Months, any recommendations for some great good eats. Also after one special fine dining restaurant to take the girlfriend? Many Many Thanks. Quote MultiQuote
  7. Hey Guys, Travelling to Petaling Jaya in 5 Months, any recommendations for some great good eats. Also after one special fine dining restaurant to take the girlfriend? Many Many Thanks.
  8. Anyone been here lately? Thinking of popping down in a few weeks time for dinner. Thanks
  9. Hey Guys, Since taking my Partner to london and going to the Harwood Arms, and The Ship where we tried their scotch eggs, she has now become hooked on trying more. We are based in Torquay, Devon. I have been trying to find somewhere more "local" to go and sample another really good homemade scotch egg example as a bar snack etc, but am coming up with nothing. Does anyone know somewhere in Devon/Cornwall where they might serve bar snacks which include scotch eggs? Many Thanks. Matthew
  10. Thanks Matthew. Just called them and after a lot of begging managed to move my booking to 20:00 hours :D. So now have a hour to chill with some drinks. Do you know if there is drinks menu at all somewhere online? Thanks again.
  11. Hi, I have a booking at Heston next saturday evening at 19:00, I was wondering with this booking if we were to arrive at 19:00, would they allow us 20-30minutes in the bar first? as I understand they have quite a nice martini bar. Or I didn't know if they were quite strict on the time to be seated at the table? Many thanks.
  12. Thanks for all the comments guys, we ended up cancelling the dinner. Now next issue is she is still not well (perfectly fine just suffering a lot with acid reflux type thing after eating) and we have a reservation at Pied A Terre on Friday night, and she is saying she does not want me to miss it as I'm the foodie and to be honest she is not fussed here or there about fine dining (Mcdonalds girl lol). So I'm thinking of just phoning them making the table for 1 and asking if she just join for a glass of wine as we are not in London again for a good year and she does not want me to miss out. What ya think asking for a table of 1 and she just join for some wine etc be ok? Thanks for all the comments!
  13. Hey Guys, Going up to London tomorrow evening and we have a booking in Le Gavroche, however my girlfriend today has come down not feeling too well and has really gone off her food. Now she might be fine tomorrow however she might not, and she does not want me to miss out as i have been looking forward to it for ages and can't wait. So she said that she would come with me but just pass on dinner, how do you think the restaurant would see this? would it be a problem? We originally said at the time of booking we would go for the tasting menu, so i don't know if i should tell them in advance as she might be fine but then might not. Any advice would be great, as i would hate for the restaurant to take offence at this. Thanks a lot.
  14. Thats for all the help guys!! just booked Pied a Terre , sounds quite nice! Thanks very much Jon as well for the long post, we are going to William Curley's for lunch before the meal.... think we might be rolling home that evening. Only issue is they only had space @ 6pm and the table has to be back by 8:45 so that could be pushing to fit the whole tasting menu in. Thanks again.
  15. Hey Guys, Taking my girlfriend to London in the Middle of November for a romantic trip which was unfortunately forced to booked with not a lot of time to arrange a nice restaurant. Our first pick was Le Gavroche but this is fully booked, second was DINNER but again.... fully booked. So i am asking for a alternative which is a high class place, but she loved desserts and sweets so good and large desserts are a must oh and a good pick petit fours would be even better as for really looks for them in places we have been. Currently Le Champignon Sauvage sits highest for her Petit Four obsession... If anyone has any idea i would be very grateful. Thankyou
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