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  1. Yum!  


    The spheres do look very silly though -- wonder how long that particular fashion will last?  Or does the sphere provide the ability to deliver something freestanding that ordinarily would have to be eaten with a spoon?


    A rhubarb eclair sounds like my kind of heaven. 

  2. A white coconut layer cake with white mountain frosting and drifts of coconut on the outside, lemon curd for the filling.  

    I'd settle for a lemon tart if the layer cake was too much.

    Another thing I like for an Easter dessert is a Blitz Torte -- a layer cake with the egg white meringue baked on the outside, put together with raspberry jam filling, then whipped cream with raspberry sauce on the top cup of meringue.  You don't have to use raspberry for Blitz Torte, of course, except in my house where you do.  This King Arthur's recipe adds cinnamon to the meringue, which is just wrong.  Also, I put the cake bits together, sandwiched with raspberry jam, with the meringue bits on top and bottom.  Toasted almonds are traditional but I don't use them.  Anyway, here it is:  http://www.kingarthurflour.com/recipes/berry-blitz-torte-recipe

  3. Back in the 70s, this recipe -- often with red wine instead of the beer -- was very popular for marinating flank steaks and London Broil, steaks that needed to be sliced thin across the grain to be tender enough to eat without long cooking.  


    I never made it with beer, but I sure did make it with red wine a lot, and it was quite tasty.  I wouldn't use it on a premium steak, but for a tougher cut that could use some help, it's good.  

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  4. On 12/23/2015 at 7:20 PM, Darienne said:

    You're welcome to the recipe...however...I don't have a sister or a brother.   Tobe is a friend and it's her Mother's recipe.


    Ah, sorry, I thought it was your sister's recipe.  Tobe is a good friend and it's a good recipe!  

  5. 4 hours ago, Thanks for the Crepes said:

    I like fluffy mashed potatoes, light on the butter, but with plenty of hot milk added. I always use Russets for the fluffy texture. I use an old-fashioned potato masher and elbow grease to get them really smooth. I tried whipping them once, and they turned into what to me is glue, but to some others creamy.


    Usually I have to exert a real effort to restrain myself from butter, but this is one dish where all I want is just a little.


    I realize many people prefer more butter, and lots of better restaurants offer them that way and with roasted or otherwise garlic. It's just not my preference. To me, light and fluffy mashed potatoes can't really be improved. Well maybe with a lobster on the side. :smile:


    That said, I do like to add a few chives or green onions to the mashed stuffing of twice baked potatoes along with slices of good (preferably hoop) cheese, but still strive for that light, fluffy texture in the filling.


    That's exactly how my Dad always made them.  He did almost no cooking but mashed potatoes, as you describe, were one of his few specialties and no one else was allowed to do them.   I make them that way, too, now, although I will change them up sometimes depending on what potatoes are around and what else is on the menu and whether I'm in the mood for sour cream, onions, butter, or sometimes plain mashed with potato water.  

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  6. The pancakes sound just like what we used to call "Dutch Babies" in Seattle.  And when I google Dutch Baby I find that it is based on a German puffed pancake (which is probably very similar to a Finnish puffed pancake), but the name was invented at a restaurant that started serving them in Seattle in the early 1900s -- ya learn sumpin every day.    


    Limpa in Sweden is a rye bread and Jule is Yule or Christmas -- so a  Joulu Limppu would probably be a Finnish Christmas rye bread. :)


    Loved that video.  Can't imagine what the little breads stuffed with porridge taste like -- would love to go to THEIR house to find out!

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  7. 14 hours ago, Tri2Cook said:

    I'd much rather do something in the smoker than indoors but that's a non-option here this time of year. Unless something unusual happens with the weather, my smoker won't see the outside of the shed for another couple months or so. Still not 100% convinced that I'm going to stick with the original plan though.


    What part of Ontario you in?  In Toronto, we might be wearing our bathing suits and sitting out in the back patio, the way things are going!

  8. We have usually hosted as the Americans in the Canadian group but the gang has outgrown our tiny city house this year.  So Canuck friends with a bigger house are hosting -- but have asked me to provide the food!  I'm planning a huge pan of baked ziti for the main with a very simple side salad, maybe cole slaw?  We always have tons of super simple snacks -- olives, salted nuts, chips, dips, salsa, crudites, cheese and crackers, salumi, etc, and then the main is brought out at half time, if anyone is still hungry and they usually are.  But if they've filled up on snacks, that's fine, too, and their problem. :)   Then super easy desert -- brownies and/or blondies, ice cream if anyone wants it.  


    Don't want to do much work during the game -- and not too much beforehand either!

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