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  1. hi everyone! I was wondering if this machine is actually a Jvr vac100, that can be viewed here I think it could be a good deal, I'm a bit concerned about servicing in case of malfunction, since the company selling it is very small, but maybe I could get help from Jvr? I remember seeing somewhere that the Jvr is produced by Orved, but cannot find where I read it. I'd be grateful if @teonzo could say what he thinks...
  2. vengroff, looking forward to see the iphone version! you could split the right part of the iPad screen in multiple screen on the iPhone.
  3. I agree, basic PID controllers cost much less. Why do you never use the built-in timer of your circulator? Do you prefer a manual approach?
  4. Apologies, I just wrote the first numbers come to my mind ... What I meant is the ability to program a start temperature (eg when the bath is stable), a first time to keep that temperature, then switch to another temperature and keep. I actually thought it for something less professional: cook your eggs ovenight and find them at the right temperature in the morning, ready to eat...
  5. I think the Julabo line for cooking has it: http://www.fusionchef.us/ the Diamond model also Lauda units: http://www.lauda.de/hosting/lauda/website_en.nsf/urlnames/product?OpenDocument&ProductID=090429-20204-CC But both units are in the range of 1500 €... I think words are better too.
  6. thank you all for the replies, Paulpegg, I think the temperature-set timer is a good idea. After all the circulator must inform me when the temperature is stabilized, so there must be a connection between the timer and the temperature controller and the two must communicate each other. also an universal clamp... regarding the other features you mention, they are great, but i think they belong to high-end circulator, which can also read additional probes etc. I guess would be very difficult to keep the price in the range of 300 €. Pedro, sorry, with precision I meant temperature stability. With resolution, do you mean granularity of setting (one click of the button ups 0.1 C)? Silent pump, it looks that at the moment there are two strategies: Swid has an all in one pump, with a wire alimenting it coming down from the unit. Polyscience Sous Vide Thermal Circulator™ has an axe coming down into the water, but the motor itself is up in the unit (at least this is what appears from pictures on the web). Maybe a solution to noise could be a bigger pump which runs at slower pace? I have no idea how difficult would be to implement a little program ability in the system. "start timer at 60 C and run for 4 hours, then cool and keep at 50 C indefinitely" This would be useful to cook something overnight and not to worry about overcooking or reheating.
  7. Hi, this is my first post, thank you all for contributing this great forum. A couple of days ago, looking for a cheap immersion circulator, I stumbled upon a little company which produces equipment for laboratories. After an email exchange, the owner told me he was interested in expanding his market into kitchen equipment but is not really into the world of sous vide and could use some advise. I emailed him a handful of links to better calibrate his product, (Addelice, Sous vide soupreme, polyscience, etc.) and requested a unit to test and review, once he could provide a finished product. His base model is a simple circulator with 1200 W (@230 volts) a aluminum pump, a water level switch off, and a precision of 0.1 C. He is adding a grid and maybe he will make everything which goes in the water in stainless steel (at the moment the safe switch is in nylon). The cost should be around 300 euros. I'm in contact with him and I've already suggested him to make the grid removable (unlike the Swid) to allow a easier cleaning. I'm excited as I think this could be a good opportunity to help shape a product that I would love to have. Also I'm an architect ho has always dreamt to step in product design, but this is another story.... Which are the feature that you think are most important in an immersion circulator? what would you change in the unit you have tried, to make them better? Do you think a built in timer is necessary?
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