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  1. Worst Halloween candy

    I don't remember Circus Peanuts, but yes! homemade popcorn balls were so great. I loved Chunkies, too, as well as the mini Snickers, Baby Ruths, Reeses and so on... BUT my mother would sneak in during the night and take whatever delicious chocolate confections we had left to eat herself, and then try to gaslight us in the morning by saying we ate them all ourselves and forgotten (yes, she was a pretty awful mother in some ways). All that was left were boring things like SweetTarts, Red Vines, etc. and the really bad things mentioned above. I was a bit of a hoarder even at that early age, and had always taken a little inventory of my stash before bed so I knew she was lying.
  2. Worst Halloween candy

    Ugh, one more for the candy corn and Necco wafers! I also hated Dixie Sticks, which were paper tubes filled with (I think) pretty much just colored sugar with a little fake fruit flavor. ETA: Googled and just realized that they are called Pixy Sticks, not Dixie. Ah, getting old.
  3. pressure cooker vs low n' slow

    I don't like to leave braising meat in the oven that long because it ends up overcooked, and I find that unless I stir it, add liquid, etc., it tends to scorch. Also my oven is an ancient gas oven, and it makes me nervous to leave it on when I'm not home for any appreciable length of time.
  4. I'm such a goof, I thought they were real! And thought that it was weird to sell macarons, etc. next to those icky old tools! Will I never learn?! I have been enjoying this account of Belgian restaurants and chocolate purveyors very much, especially the meal at the Belgian Pigeon House. As AnnaN said, beyond jealous!
  5. pressure cooker vs low n' slow

    I really don't like to be a contrarian, especially in this knowledgeable company, but I like my slow cooker (though I've never tried cannabutter ). Mine has an anodized aluminum insert, rather than ceramic, so you can brown meat and so forth on the stove first. I think the key (for me) is that I use it as a kind of time-shifter, rather than a time-saver. I brown the meat, cook the mirepoix, deglaze the pot, etc. just as I would for an oven braise. It is useful when I can't be available for those 3 hours or so that an oven braise needs. I put the slow cooker on low and walk away for 6-8 hours. When it is done, I remove the solids, strain the liquid, and then reduce it on the stove, as the slow cooker doesn't evaporate liquids the way an oven braise does. This results in a stew, ropa vieja, whatever floats your boat, that seems to me just as good as the braised item. It doesn't cut down on labor, but it does allow you to adapt it to your schedule.
  6. Hard boiled eggs in salad

    Hello heidih! Your dog is gorgeous -- I had a black lab who would look like that after a really good run in the park. Anyway, I pretty much require a boiled egg in composed salads, I think because it's in some of my favorite classics and merges so well with the dressing. I love Cobb Salad, which is from your part of the country, Salade Nicoise, Chef's Salad and so on. I make my own riffs on these but I find the egg indispensable!
  7. Thanks for the article, heidih! It was fascinating.
  8. Autumn penne with pumpkin

    Kasia, I love the way you write and describe the season and the recipe Though I would add fluffy comforters for the bed and big comfy sweaters to the list of autumnal joys for me
  9. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    Wow, robirdstx, your fridge and food storage is immaculate! When I get delivery, I just put it in the fridge in the containers it came in, all higgelty piggelty, and then have to figure out what's what when I want some. Just beautiful!
  10. Breakfast! 2017 (Part 2)

    Oh, my, AnnT, that pork loin looks so delicious. I want it for dinner tonight!
  11. Wow, kayb, you have really experienced all that woods, fields, and water have to offer! I envy you, even the not-so-nice possum (we had one that lived in our suburban garage when I was a kid) and coon (which knocked over our garbage cans on a regular basis). I think my only taste of wild meat was when I had a long-distance BF, who lived in Southwestern Louisiana. Oh, such good food there! I do make good gumbo now, because I craved it so after spending time there, with LOTS of help from the fabulous old gumbo thread here and a little from John Besh's My New Orleans. Anyway, we went to his grandfather's "camp" (to my surprise, actually a very nice rustic house located by a swamp) for Thanksgiving, and the main course was some ducks his grandfather had shot himself. I think they were braised, and there was rice "dressing" to go with them. Lots of other things too, but what I remember is the wonderful duck and dressing, which, thinking about now, probably had the duck liver in it. While my family had many nice Thanksgivings with the traditional turkey, what we called "stuffing" and so on, that was definitely the most memorable Thanksgiving of my life.
  12. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    Oh, Shelby and Suzilightning, I have the very same problem. It's OK if it's something I'm cooking quickly, like seared meat with a pan sauce, but anything that requires multiple steps (with delicious odors), sauteeing vegetables, browning meat, braising for three hours... I just don't want it anymore that day. Happily, such things are even better the next day :-) Also, I really would like to contribute to this thread, but my meals are not very sophisticated these days (I am still recovering from a severe illness -- not that they are terribly sophisticated anyway) and my "camera" is an ancient phone. So I was very happy to see the warm welcome given to CantCookStillTry!
  13. Oh, yes Kenneth. Farmed squab or quail are too expensive here (also NYC) for me, except for very special treats. (I especially love squab, but ouch! the expense.) The opportunity to eat wild venison, ducks, and doves would be so exciting to me. So different that people there turn up their noses at Shelby's fantastic-looking venison chili.
  14. I just finished this thread from the beginning. Thank you so much for sharing (some of) your life and cooking! I'd love to try all the game -- it looks delicious, as does all your food. I love seeing the dogs in action. I had a black lab who, I think, secretly wished she was a working dog instead of a spoiled city pet. I'd take her up to the mountains and woods from time to time and her eyes would just light up. (I won't get into the time I took her to the beach and she tried to drown herself pursuing a seagull.) Chum is adorable with her own deer-watching chair. Very much looking forward to the next installment.
  15. Someone stands up for Guy Fieri

    While I can't disagree with most of the points (funny, too!), I have to say I'd prefer Bourdain in a foxhole too -- he strikes me as someone who'd go totally berserk on the enemy. Then again, he could go nuts and break a truce or something, and, as Shane Torres said, get everyone killed. Is this a new game? Who'd you rather be in a foxhole with -- Channing Tatum or Chris Pine? Kevin Bacon or Kiefer Sutherland? Mario Batali or Bobby Flay...?