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  1. I was just wondering if anyone knew where i can find or order from the internet some myoga or myoga roots so that I could start growing it? My wife would really like to get some, it really helps with her health. By the way we are in London Ontario Canada.
  2. look in a local kitchen supply store, not just a household cookware store a proper kitchen supply store or the internet, I just dont remember which website I get mine off. I will look at work where i have a list of these things.
  3. actually pastry chefs do a whole lot more than just bake bread and cakes and for you to make a comment like that demeans my whole profession as a cook and makes me think of how little you appreciate the food you eat specifically the dessert course. or perhaps you eat at the type of resturants that show absolutely no flair with their desserts such as boston pizza or other chain resturants like it.
  4. i dont know about in dalas but where I live near and around calgary alberta canada there are no shells for sale, not many people stock them but the few things I could advise are to either make good friends with a chef or sous chef at a local high end resturant and ask if you can buy some shells or even stock off of them, the other thing that you could do is buy it from the person who offered to sell it to you in bigger batches make a big batch of stock and you can then freeze it. Either way you go make sure the shells and meat are fresh and dont smell of anything but maybe the fresh sea, kinda like seaweed. thanks.
  5. this comming from a chef well actually a line cook who has worked in big and small resturants currently working in a 50 seater i have seldom perhaps never used 2 or more knives in one hand or two doing such is stupid in the best sense of the word, it increases the chances of cutting yourself or cutting yourself badly let alone for home cooks most of who dont know how to hold or use a knife.
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