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  1. The Ninja Creami Deluxe is on sale today at Kohls for $158 with free shipping - deal is good for today only (5/27/24). Posted price is $230, then use TAKE10, HOME15, and CATCH15OFF on Kohls.com.
  2. The Ninja Creami Deluxe is on sale today at Kohls for $158 with free shipping - deal is good for today only (5/27/24). Posted price is $230, then use TAKE10, HOME15, and CATCH15OFF on Kohls.com. I'm super close to buying one at this price. I'm going to think about it for a few hours and if it's not sold out when I check back, I'll pull the trigger on one. I will also post this in the "sales., deals, and bargains" thread.
  3. @rotuts I have vacuumed the full strength demi paste once in the past, but it was in a bag after removal from the tub and smushed out into a sheet. I was not able to break off pieces as needed - it was too dense. If I wanted to use some, I'd need to peel away the bag, cut off what I wanted, and then reseal. This causes more wear and tear on bags since it's being handled a lot and is a bit of a hassle. My reason for diluting is really to help dissolve and incorporate the demi faster when cooking. The concentrate takes a bit of time and agitation to dissolve - it doesn't just melt away. If I am making a pan sauce and add the full strength concentrate straight into the simmering pan sauce, I have to chase it around the pan and cook it for several minutes. Often, those minutes spent simmering on the stove waiting for concentrate to dissolve reduced the sauce too much or cooked things longer than I wanted to. Also, I wasn't a fan of spending time at the stove physically stirring the little nub of concentrate and scraping it off my spoon constantly. Dilution to usable strength in batches solves those issues for me.
  4. I haven't done it myself, but I think it would be messy getting the undiluted demi into the trays - it's pretty thick and sticky stuff. You might have to use an icing spatula or something like that to smear in and fill up the ice cube trays. As @dtremit mentioned in the previous comment, flexible silicone trays are the way to go. Another option would be to spread out the undiluted demi on a silpat into a sheet, freezing that, and then cutting it in to cubes for portioning. Side note, is a separate MTG demi and stock base thread appropriate at this time?
  5. I'm not sure that I understand your question, "Does it Vac?" Like can you vacuum pack it? If that's what you are asking, then yes. I do dilute it down to the recommended ratio of of 1:4 first, freeze in cubes (Ice cube tray), and then vacuum pack the frozen cubes in bags so it doesn't freezer burn. I also freeze it in sheets (poured into quart sized freezer ziplocks, squeeze out the air. and lay those flat to freeze). I end up with about 1/4" thick sheet of frozen demi and I can break off small pieces as needed.
  6. I can only comment on the demi glace, as that's the only one I have experience with. They are scoopable, but also very dense and a bit sticky. I usually have to use my finger to push the concentrate off the spoon after scooping it out. If you've used better than bouillon, it's like that but way more dense and gooey - almost gumdrop like.
  7. I buy the demi by the one pound tubs and dilute it to usable strength in batches. Usually 1 cup base to 4 cups water. It takes a while to dissolve and it can be tricky when using small amounts, so the batch process works well for me. A bit of simmering and whisking is involved. Once it is prepped, I cool it off, portion into ice cube trays as well as freeze some flat in a tray so that I can break pieces off as needed.
  8. I only make a handful of amazon orders each year and one or two of the MTG demi-glace 1 pound containers has always been an annual purchase for me. They have been running about $20-25 for the one pound tubs on amazon since I started buying them over a decade ago. I had no idea that they had an online direct store until yesterday. I do hope that they continue to be available through amazon (or some other reseller). I have seen demi concentrate available through a restaurant wholesaler/purveyor that I have a relationship with, but I think it comes in a 10 lb bucket and is a different brand. Not looking to buy (and store) a 5-7 year supply, only to discover that it's too salty or has a different consistency than what I am looking for.
  9. Mine arrived today (thanks @blue_dolphin) and were boxed up with the instruction booklet for a knife as well. I am looking at the Kershaw website now and apparently those prongs at the end of the handles are screwdrivers.
  10. I just came here to post about the 2.0 being developed, but see that it was already mentioned a few hours ago. I am very close to pre-purchase (all credit card info has been entered, but haven't hit submit). I wanted one very badly back during the original release, as I did much more bar-work then but was not properly capitalized for the purchase. Now that I am a salary man and have funds available, my use cases are somewhat reduced since I no longer bartend or run underground events with any frequency. I still may buy one though.
  11. fledflew


    I know this comment is a little late for the OP, as they have already given a gift card, but I'll add my perspective for others (and in case the gift card still needs to be used). This Dexter is the one that my mom has used for many decades and my sister has the same one as well. Very nice, light, balanced and suitable for almost all kitchen tasks involving meat and vegetables (with the exception of hacking through substantial bones). Dexter S5198 8" x 3-1/4" Chinese Chefs Knife with Wooden Handle (eG-friendly Amazon.com link)
  12. In the scientific lab tools world (where immersion circulators originated from), they have hot plates that also stir - which is essentially a portable sous vide setup. You put a little rod into the bottom of the beaker and it spins around magnetically. These are used with glass vessels though and if the principle were applied to cooking, you'd have to use an aluminum or some other non-ferrous alloy (titanium?) so that the rod would still spin.
  13. @rotuts there may be something funky going on with your browser. Maybe try a different one? At the top of the screen where I circled in red, you are supposed to see a dropdown where you acknowledge the TOS and enter your email address and then it lets you in the website.
  14. I did the $25 gift card promo with amazon several years ago successfully. I logged in today to do some browsing and there was a link on one of the product pages saying that I would get a $25 amazon credit if I added a debit card to my wallet. I added one and received my credit instantly. The terms of the deal say that you do need to get presented with the link in order for the promotion to work and that you don't actually need to use the debit card that you added to purchase anything. Might be worth a check. The link was right below the price of the item that I was looking at. I am not a prime member and not sure if that matters.
  15. I emerged from my house for the first time in a while and made a cheese run for today's Cowgirl Creamery Hop Along. The store was pretty bustling when I was there around lunchtime, but it was people shopping for normal grocery-type stuff. No customers at the cheese counter and plenty of today's cheese (and everything else) available. This was in Phoenix where we have minimal/no restrictions on businesses and people aren't known for their love of fine cheeses.
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