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  1. [but even with a star it will still be easier to score a table at No.6 than many of the Stein outlets....the power of TV![ That's certainly true about the power of TV. Just for fun, I ordered some mincemeat pies from Rick Stein's website as they seemed a bit more fruity and were not at all expensive. The package came with a pile of advertising for the Stein monopoly in Padstow.. B&Bs, restaurants, pubs... it went on and on and was all very slick. It boggles the mind at times.
  2. Our dinner at Number 6 in September was definitely our favourite meal during a short stay in Padstow. I found the dishes very clever and delicious, plus the staff were attentive and extremely friendly without going overboard and 'hovering.' Unfortunately, Nathan Outlaw's place was closed on the only night we could dine there. We'll definitely get there next time.
  3. Have you also tried the Needoo Grill... any comparison with Tayyab? I know some people who prefer the former but have never been to either. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for mentioning this place. I'll be in Copenhagen again next year, and it sounds like a very worthy place to try. What part of town was it in.. not that it really matters. Where else did you eat in Copenhagen?
  5. The Ledbury and Launceston Place are well thought of... also Pied A Terre.
  6. Healthy is a good word to use for anyone's puttanesca. :-) Thanks for reminding me it's been awhile since I've made this dish. I'll have to search out my recipe.. probably has a bit of crushed red pepper flakes in it.
  7. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/people/profiles/heston-blumenthal-for-my-next-trick-a-toast-sandwich-2128032.html I love his modesty. London is turning into a brasserie heaven, which is fine with me.
  8. Roux appears on Celebrity Masterchef but at the same time, does not spread himself so thin or in such a clownish way as Ramsay. Ramsay's formulaic and ridiculous programmes have certainly lowered his standing as a chef or purveyor of fine food. Ego often gets in the way of success.
  9. What a lot of people here do not know is that these bloggers tried to make a big splash on another website dedicated to food. They posted at least 5 reviews of London restaurants and all ended with an advertisement for their blog. Fair enough, and you can accuse me of being cynical and skeptical about their true motives now making this fuss about Marcus Wareing and his behaviour. I think they are publicity seekers of the worst type. I think by drawing out this thread, we are probably feeding their egos even more.
  10. I think one has to search high and low for good Mexican food in London. And Tex-Mex food is not what I'd consider 'real' Mexican food, which is quite different and more sophisticated. The best Tex-Mex I've had is at a street stall near Waterloo Station. The fellow makes terrific food.
  11. The newly renovated Savoy has the American Bar, complete with jazz music. How quiet it is I cannot say not having been. I think their specialty is American cocktails, so maybe you have had enough of them lately!
  12. Those little unnamed goodies look like the sesame desserts found in Chinese bakeries or dim sum restaurants, but somehow I doubt that's what they were. Was Shaun Hill chef at Gidleigh when the Hendersons owned it? I knew them ever so slightly and never got to stay there while living in the U.S. Of course now that I live in the UK, they are no longer on the scene there.
  13. I find it a bit sad that this poster has had to post this story on not one, but two food-related websites. It was bad enough reading it the first time. I'm totally amazed that a chef as busy as Wareing had 30 minutes to spare to abuse this woman verbally via the telephone, regardless of her having eaten at his restaurant more than 10 times in one year.
  14. London-eating.co.uk says that the head chef is Craig Johnson. Of course that would not exclude others from being in the kitchen... especially in the early days.
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