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  1. i have the original chocolate & confections and did exeperience 2 problems: the coffeganache was really strong in flavor (i downscaled the quantities in excel in order to fit my needs, keeping the % intact) - i will use half the amount next time and see what that does. the ganache was also extremely liquid and took a long time before crystaizing so that i could cap the mould. that might have something to do with the heat in my flat though? i tried a chocoalte today and now the ganache has set nicely. all in all they came out nicely, but could be lighter on the coffe side in order to get th
  2. hi dan this is a really good place to start Östermalms Saluhall stockholm is a beautiful city, with lots of interesting things to do & see, especially in summertime. make sure that they visit the old part of town:) /magnus
  3. hi having just made a batch of dulce de leche chocolates using grewelings recipe,i am now left with about 200grs of dulce de leche which i put in a air tight container. does anybody know how long will it keep?
  4. For a friends b'day present I made 3 chocolates from Grewelings book today. Tempering was not easy as its rather hot in my appartment, but they all came out ok. Not bad for an enthusiastic amateur chocolatier on a hot summers day... Milk chocolate ganache & passionfruit ganache in dark chocolate. This was my first attempt at a dual layer chocolate and came out really well:) Dark & stormies in dark chocolate. I decided to use a new transfersheet I havent used before, colored dots are fun but the surface of the actual dots might have been affected by the heat in the flat? Dulce de lech
  5. thx chris:) well, yes it does become harder once it cools down. /magnus
  6. i recently came across this realy good recipe for caramelized white chocolate with seasalt: place 400 gr of white chocolate (chopped, pellets or chips) in a cake mould or pan of some sort in the oven at 120 celisus for aprox 40 min or until dark golden like biscotti, give a good stir every 10 minutes. place in a bowl, whisk out any lumps, add a few pinches of seasalt and voila - caramelized white chocolate with seasalt! i use this as filling in moulded dark chocolates, but it can be used as spreads for cakes etc.
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