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  1. 4 hours ago, TdeV said:


    @dcarch, you are incredibly charming. Please say more about sous vide fish. 😀


    Thank you!

    I like skate a lot. It is a mild tasting fish. I think the texture feels like crab meat. 

    It is important to prepare skate properly. The skin needs to be removed, or it will taste like someone did a #1 on it.

    Sous vide is a good way to cook fish to avoid over cooking. This one was SV at 135F for 40 minutes.




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  2. 10 minutes ago, liuzhou said:


    While China has made some process in morel farming, it is still far from "large scale".


    I posted the same picture on Chinese social media yesterday and no one had ever seen them before or knew what they were. I had to go back and tell them the Chinese name.


    Saw these on youtube.







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  3. On 1/27/2019 at 12:05 AM, DiggingDogFarm said:

    Something served with a straw.

    In a cup labeled "The Patriots Suck." LOL


    Try not to drink too much liquid during the game.

    There is a serious world environmental problem during Super Bowl. The entire world flushing toilets at the exact same time during half time!!!





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  4. 11 hours ago, KennethT said:

    Pea plants are climbers... They usually need some kind of trellis in the wild... indoors too...


    Cheap indoor long lasting, good looking stakes, for starting indoor climbers:


    BBQ bamboo sticks come in 36" long, a few dollars for 100 sticks.



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  5. 6 hours ago, TicTac said:

    LED lights give off strong UV rays which can be harmful to the eyes.  Not sure if it is an issue at 13W, but at 80W they can certainly damage ones eyes and without an enclosure, a lot of the light is being lost - a reflective wall system would be much more efficient.


    May be you are talking about mercury vapor lights. If the outer glass is broken, the bulb inside will send out harmful UV rays.

    LED chips can only generate one single frequency (color) of light. Actually there are no white LEDs. White is generated by using phosphors or using three color LEDs in combination.





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  6. 4 hours ago, KennethT said:

    I'm dying to see how the tomato plant does under 13W of LED light...  I have a hard time believing that will be enough to get any decently flavored fruit, unless they're providing some kind of new breed of tomato that loves the shade....


    By the time I finish making my 4 LED lights, I will have a total of 300W x 4 = 1,200 watts of light. 

    Looking forward to nice seedlings for the coming season.



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  7. Here is an ultrasonic  humidifier I made for my hot/cold smoker.

    The noise you are hearing is from another machine running in the background. Remember, you can't hear ultra sound.  :-)

    The water looks like it's boiling, but it's actually ice cold.



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  8. 1 hour ago, jmacnaughtan said:


    N°3 I get, but there are workarounds if you're willing to install more power points.


    May be. It is very expensive or impossible to install floor mounted power outlets.


    1 hour ago, jmacnaughtan said:

    For the first two, I'm not so sure.  Here, in any case, there are plenty of cafés which serve food and drink at lunch times, but still allow people in to work during their down time - so there's no real reason why restaurants can't do the same.  I think they're governed by the same licensing and lease laws (for example, there are restaurants which serve non-stop, so there's no obligation to close during services).


    I will be surprised that in commercial leasing that a lease does not very specifically stipulate what the space is to be used for. Also, fire code  is very different for "places of assembly" and for office use.


    In reality, Landlords may not want to have tenants go out of business, and DOB seldom re-inspects unless something happens.