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    V dinner, pan fried shrimps and largemouth bass fillet.


    Largemouth bass is monogamous, so are a few shrimps. Happy Valentines Day!



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  2. 17 hours ago, Okanagancook said:

    I grow that plant here under the name New Zealand Spinach.

    i Eat it raw in salads...the small tips.  The  larger leaves I use like regular spinach.  It seems to like very rich soil.  Last year a rogue plant started in the compost bin and it was the best plant ever.


    They will take over your garden. Don't plant too many.



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  3. We can laugh at Paris Hilton all we want. She is laughing all the way to the bank.


    She earns $10 Million dollars every year. In addition, she raises hundreds thousands of $$$$ for children's causes.


    P.H. salad dressing, P.H. frying pans, P.H. cook books ------------------- $$$$$$$$


    P.H. kitchen gloves? P.H. high heels for the kitchen? People will buy anything.



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  4. This is possible:


    Boiling point of water is 212F

    Smoking point of fat(butter) can be from 300F to 400F.

    If fat is collected in one place and water in another in food, and both get cooked at the same time in high heat (oven, microwave), and if by chance the water is  mixed into fat, explosion will happen.


    You see this all the time when you fry food.




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  5. 7 hours ago, kitchen_muse said:

    But as Anna already mentioned, you have better control when you're using a sharp knife. With a dull knife you have to apply more pressure and force to get the result, so if it slips... for me it sounds like a potential disaster. Also - especially if you're an unskilled person - you'll be more careful while working with it as you know that it could be dangerous.
    Just me and my two coins. 


    That's another common one I can't figure out.

    Try this with a butter knife and cut something with force  until it slips. You will find that the knife edge always slip away from your fingers.

    It seems to me most knife  accidents happen because of carelessness, like, having a conversation while cutting or watching TV. A very sharp knife can be a disaster in careless  accidents .


    Dull knife cuts can be fixed with bandage.

    Sharp knife cuts need stitches.



  6. 34 minutes ago, lindag said:

    what is that?


    Problem with regular microwaves, they can't cook with low power. Always at 100% power. They cycle full power on and off to give you low power cooking.

    Inverter system actually lowers the power level to give you continuous low power cooking. This can make food microwaved more evenly.



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  7. 45 minutes ago, haresfur said:


    Another dimmer option is pulse-width modulation through something like an Arduino controller. You will have to send the PWM signal from a pin on the Arduino board to something like a DC motor control to jack up the signal to 24V. Bonus is that you can use the micro-controller as a timer to turn the lights on & off and even monitor soil moisture (caution many low end soil moisture probes are crap). 


    I have dimmed 110v 50W COB LEDs with regular light dimmers.



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  8. Am I the only one who is exhausted from all the Holiday cooking?

    No more cooking for me!

    You want to eat in my house? you cook your own food.

    Hot pot dinner.




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  9. 2 hours ago, lindag said:

    Fresh Dungeness crab in the store today!  Doesn’t happen often so I was excited.

    Only $6.98 a pound.  Crab for dinner.


    Send me a few. $15.00 a lb here in NYC :D▫️



  10. 15 minutes ago, Anna N said:

    This is the way I see it. A sharp knife does what I want it to do. A dull knife will do whatever it wants to do.  It is uncontrollable and hence dangerous. Obviously you see it differently.  Vive la  difference. 


    I can believe that more people are hurt by dull knives. I think that's because dull knife owners are  in general people with poor knife skills.



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  11. 8 hours ago, Barrytm said:

    ( there is an adage that a dull knife is more dangerous than a sharp one, because you have to put more pressure on it to cut, and it can slip).


    I have a hard time understanding that. I know many experts say that. I know I am not an expert, I just can't seem to figure out the reasons that make sense to me.

    It seems to me logical that a sharp knife is much more dangerous.



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