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  1. appreciate the suggestions. Unfortunately, they do not open until 7pm, and I need to eat on the early side to make the trip back to CDG in time to catch an 11PM plane. Hoping to get a table at Lamis louis.
  2. thanks for the suggestions, chez michel it will be. Are there websites that handle restaurant bookings in paris?
  3. Have a long layover at CDG and will spend the day in Paris before returning to Gare Du Nord to retrieve our bags, and catch the RER back to the airport. What is the best restaurant in this area? French food, under $100 per person.
  4. ellenesk

    Pegu Club

    Do they take reservations? At 11:30 on a Saturday, what type of wait to expect?
  5. Supposed to go later this week with clients, and have not been in a year. Wondering if it is still enjoyable. Some of the posts have me concerned.
  6. Thanks for the update, daniel et daniel it is.
  7. I need to plan a large(300 person) event in Toronto next summer and looking for suggestions for caterers and or interesting venues. Thanks
  8. WIll be in London next week on vacation, and looking for a dinner suggestion. The Fat duck is not an option, but is there anywhere in London, I can get a similar style dining experience? We are staying in Holborn, but location is not an option.
  9. ellenesk


    Looking for suggestions from anyone who has dined recently Going this week.
  10. ellenesk


    Not much to add, but we also enjoyed a recent meal there. The veal ragu was delcicous , as were the salads to start. They need some type of muffling for noise, because it is loud. Thank god there is a place in the neighborhood setup to have a drink and a snack.
  11. Ate there for the second time last night. Clams and PEI mussels were not as pristine as first visit, but the seafood cocktails, razor clams salad, green lip muscles and oysters were perfect. They need a new cocktail specialists, I have yet to try one that did not taste medicinal Service was friendly and informed.
  12. Just to circle back. Ended up with 10" plates from fishs Eddy $2.00 each, no delivery fee, and 18/10 stainless from Bowery Kitchen(who had the best prices around). Forks and Spons ran about $15.00 per dozen, knives slightly higher.
  13. Sushi of Gari is way better for the price point. Just sit at the bar, and have them bring it on. For a lower priced option, I like Yuki on 93rd and Amsterdam. Different league all together.
  14. I am starting to think that rather than renting china and silver each time I have a large party, I should just by several dozen of the necessities, and store them. Any thoughts as to where the best place to to buy a reasonable quantity(4-5 dozen of dinner/ same of salad) china and silverware ( 100 forks, 50 spoons and knives).?
  15. Will be in cuernavaca next month, and looking for dinner suggestions. Also, not to sound like a crazy tourist, is it safe to drink the water?
  16. Need to entertain a client who loves Risotto. Which italian restaurant has the best in New York?
  17. Looking for additional suggestions in Park City Has anyone heard of Butcher's chop house?
  18. Christos Hapsos Taverna in Astoria is a great "greek steakhouse", with super thick porter house, and some great greek style sides. Their steaks are available to purchase as well
  19. Our trip was fabulous. The hotel is great but very isolated. The closest off site attraction, zip lining, in 30 minutes away( it takes 25 minutes just to get to the exit of the hotel, as it down a long and windy road). Most of the other excursions are at least 1.5 hours away. You may want to private charter a boat to get people to playa hermosa or coco, which is only 15 minutes by boat, but 45 by car. The food is great, I would rely heavily on local seafood for menu planning. We went fishing, and caught tuna and wahoo, which the hotel cooked held for us, cooked for us. The staff at the hotel is superlative. Also, the house florist is wonderful, you should have no qualms using her for your wedding.
  20. Looking for feedback on Charlie Trotters new restaurant in Cabo at Palmilla. Any thoughts would be helpful
  21. Looking for recs for Lever House for dinner. Thanks
  22. ellenesk


    Anyone been to compass since Katy Sparks left?
  23. I am casting a vote for Veritas, a great wine/ food experience.
  24. I would try either vinegar factory, or Agata and Valentina on 1s and 79th.
  25. ellenesk


    Will throw in my hat regarding the poor service at this restaurant. A recent dinner there proved to have good, not great food(with the exception of the fondue) Our waiter spilled soup on one guest. When one of the cheeses on the cheese course was not available, a substitution was made without asking, and the cheeses were never explained to us., and were served without bread or fruit. My entree was not served as described by the waiter, we had to wait over 20 minutes for a bill at the end. Probalby would not return as a dining patron, but would order cheese from the cave.
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