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  1. I have a 3 lb rump roast I am looking to sous vide. Hoping for something akin to pot roast as a finished product. What time and temperature is recommended?
  2. Looking for the best sport to take 6 teenage boys for dinner, that the parents can tolerate. Location not that much of a consideration. Any suggestions appreciated
  3. Looking for on an off mountain recs for our upcoming ski trip. Thanks
  4. have been told about a restaurant on the outskirts of Pietrasanta that just serves mushrooms. Any thoughts or info would be helpful Thanks
  5. We have had two good meal at Ampurdan(or Emporada), a catalonian style restaurant not too far from the Dali Museum in Figueres. There are also some great beach towns in that area for seafood, although I dont know what is open in September.
  6. Looking for suggestions. Going tomorrow, Bardlseys is closed on Mondays, unfortunately.
  7. Looking for suggestions in advance of the races in June. Must be able to make a reservation. All of the restaurants at the race course are booked, and dont want to turn up with out a reservation. Thanks
  8. Going back, and looking for suggestions for anything new, or off the beaten track. Price not an issue.
  9. ellenesk


    Moderator's Note: This post is about dining at Cru since Gallante has left the building. Was wondering as I was thinking of dining there on Saturday, but dont know how much, if any of a change in the food and service.
  10. I am looking to hold a dinner for fifty in the fall, and need a private room. I am looking for middle eastern cuisine. It would be helpful to be in the west end. Thanks for any help.
  11. Will be there in a few weeks, staying at the breakers. Usually go to la sirena, but they are closed for the summer. Look for recs in the area, or west palm beach. Must take dinner reservations, and not be a chain. Price not too much of an issue.
  12. Will be there in a few weeks, any suggestions. Price not an issue. E
  13. I will be in Forte dei Marmi in a few weeks. How expensive is Lorenzo, and could I take my non fish eating 12 year old there? Any other suggestions in Forte would be appreciated.
  14. Wanted to just follow up. Cafe Fauchon for breakfast was a disaster. The door was locked, we knocked, was told they were closed, even though it was 10:00 and they said they opened at 9:30. 1 poached egg, two cups of coffee, baguette, 45Euros. They spilled hot coffee over two of us, with barely an apology. No pain au chocolat. Just croissants, baguette, and minimal egg selections. 20 minutes to get breakfast. The room, however is really cute, but the experience a huge disappointment. When I asked the manager for a business card to send them the bill for cleaning my coat, they looked at me like I was insane. On an aside, dinner at La Rotonde in Montparnasse was really good.
  15. Will be there in a few weeks, and any suggestions appreciated.
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