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  1. I can not imagine what there is to like about lots of noise. For whatever reason I go to a restaurant noise never features as a positive. Music may be acceptable if it is not obtrusive but noise, racket, clatter, hubbub, halabaloo that never improved the quality of a meal and often made it worse. I have left restauarants to avoid the ear piercing braying of intoxicated, or merely uninhibitededly boistrous, patrons. If this is what is necessary to display to all and sundry that everyone is having a wonderful time it is a poor reflection on diners.Being unnecessarily noisy is inconsiderate or even offensive. In Australia I believe there are regulations about acceptable noise levels. Loud noise is also injurious to health. I don't want my enjoyment of dinner spoiled by the tumult produced by the raucous and selfish patrons around me. A few years ago I wrote a piece on this subject in www.1001dinners.blogspot.com
  2. Hi Sydney centric Gourmet Traveler rates this restaurant 13th in Australia with about 10 Sydney restaurants in front of it. You can do a lot better!
  3. Hi from Australia Until this year we always had a traditional Ashkenazi passover - gefilte fish, chicken soup with lneidl, the whole megilla but after studi\ying the development of Jewish foodways from biblical times it all changed this year. We had what w imagine would be a typical Sephardi seder - fish with peppers, Jerusalem artichoke soup, a chicken cumquot tagine and a beef an date tagine with cous cous. It all worked rally well.
  4. Hi If you limit your thermomix to making pastry and ganache you will miss 90% of its value. Great for soups, risotto and a myriad of other things. The only thing I don't like abut it is the racket when it runs at max rev's
  5. Hi This is a subject that has occuppied my thoughts for years as I frequently write reviews for 1001dinners.com Ultimately it is the overall experience that counts and that can be broken down into a number of elements eg Ambience, decor, service, cutlery crockery and glassware, food, wine, price, 'returnability' and perhaps others. These can be further dissected and given marks, hats, stars coffee beans or whatever. Table cloths and dress codes, within reason, do not seem very important to me depending on the style of the restaurant and to some degree they should be rated in their class. Restaurants that portray themselves as top shelf need to maintain much higher standards throughout than cafe's bistro's and pizza houses!
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