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  1. My friend John has a wife Athena, who is allergic to gluten and all forms of dairy including eggs. They mail order their bread that fits her specifications but at $4.00 a loaf plus shipping John has decided to create his own. He has no education on baking but has been persistent for a month and is now playing with pineapple juice with rice flour to create a mother. He brought in some samples the other day. At first glance they looked great. But the were really dry, sour and dense. Does anyone have any tips or recipes I could share with him?
  2. Yikes! Either it is more expensive here in Parker, Colorado or my husband is right and we spend a lot on groceries! Including our CSA (veggie, egg, fruit and fresh cut flower shares) and misc items like dog food (for 2 dogs) and laundry soap we spend about $800 and month, add another $300 for booze! We eat meat about once a month and have Friday night pizza night where we get our pizza from a local joint. We make our coffee to go and bring our lunches and snacks to work.
  3. I didn't see any bread recipes so, I've included this one. It is a fantastic crusty, yeast loaf stuffed with gruyere cheese. Not only is it delicious (I practically ate all of it when they were done) but it makes the house smell wonderful! http://www.kingarthurflour.com/recipes/gruyere-stuffed-crusty-loaves-recipe
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