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  1. So my wife's boss takes the staff and family about 8 people to dinner next Tuesday, and since he knows I'm a cook I am tasked with finding a good Restaraunt midtownish. Last year we did Nonni so a midrange place would be good. One person suggested Buddakan Anyone have a suggestion?
  2. My grandparents were Middle Eastern,and they cooked arabic foods together all the time. My aunts and my mother cooked all the time as well, but they also incorporated more eclectic foods, so I grew up watching them make anything from a simple home cooked meal to elaborate parties. I think that's what give me the love of cooking;
  3. Well, I can't take credit for this one, but it's one of my favorites. It's from a restaraunt called Something Natural on Nantucket: Avocado, cheddar and Chutney Another simple favorite of mine Take a pita bread put a couple of pieces of cucumber some sharp feta and honey.
  4. When I'm doing a big party, and my kitchen is seemingly chaotic, there is a moment when everything comes together in a beautiful symphony and I take a second to enjoy it.
  5. I love all types of single malts, Lagavulin, Talisker, Oban, and Macallan are my tops but Glenrothes is the bomb. I picked up several bottles because it's Speyside single malt produced in a limited quantity, I'm down to may last sadly. There is nothing like a good single malt along with a big fat juicy porterhouse. (great now I'm drooling again)
  6. I recently discovered braziers. This is the bomb as far as I'm concerned. The heavy guague large wide size lets me do so much.
  7. As I'm sure we all agree, quality of ingredients can be important for most meals. I'm wondering whether people have a take on their turkey types and sources. I see things like Heritage, free range, all natural, organic, grain fed and more. Then there are those that just head to the local supermarket and get the .79 a lb turkey. I"m especially interested to know if anyone has noted a difference in how the turkey type affects the flavor or outcome, or if it's a bunch of hooey(good word ehh?) I understand that the Heritage Turkey is supposed to be a bit gamier for example. This year I decided to splurge and get a "natural" turkey with no anitbiotics.
  8. My family always did our dinner in the late afternoon around 4 p.m. recently, for the last 10-15 years, we have our meals around 5-6. This give us time to hang out, go for walks, drink some mulled cider, roast some chestnuts, yell at the football games, and generally relax. By the time we're finished with dessert, everyone just plops on the couch and loosens the belt while watching another great episode of law and order or some other inane t.v. I love thanksgiving... Happy thanksgiving everyone
  9. If my 2 mo. old let's me, I'll be making my first big meal in several months -fairly traditional fare: Roast Heirloom garlic rubbed Turkey (no not brined, and yes stuffed with chestnut cornbread stuffing) Giblet gravy mashed potatoes oven roasted green beans with shallot, garlic oil and champagne vinegar candied sweets orange and cranberry dressing cheddar biscuits tangerine sorbet Coconut layer cake for my Mother in law's birthday Mile high Apple pie with cinnamon ice cream alka seltzer happy holidays!
  10. As to the faucet, I have a sprayer faucet and I am quite happy with it. I haven't experienced any problems, I have a HansGrohe which is pretty good quality. I love the deep sink for the bigger pots I am using a "D" sink from bianco. As far as the counter. I use Silestone. Silestone like the other Quartz products are great products because you get the stone feel and at the same time you get antibacterial properties. I use my counter for working dough etc. It's slightly more than Granite, but CeasarStone is pretty reasonable too. If you do use granite, make sure you go to someone good, as I have heard some talk of radon in untested granite.
  11. I basically rely on a combination of the above. I sometimes am a moody foodie and will get into a regional mood like asian, cajun, french etc. and sometimes I'm thematic, like seafood, or "fatso" night, but when I'm building a menu I start with an idea for a main theme then I walk around my greengrocer for inspiration. I'll build a dessert around whatever fruit looks good, and if a vegetable catches my eye, I'll pick it up and work it into my menu. My menu will also depend on the guests, and the type of dinner I'm having, so those 2 factors will inspire me. If possible I keep tabs on what my friends etc. like and dislike and this will factor in too.
  12. well, I have in the past, so it seems that this is probably what is happening. Looks like it's time for some new pans
  13. I have 2 aluminum cookie pans that I have been using for years. Last week I made some molasses oatmeal cookies(unsulfured), and since then anytime I wipe the pan with a paper towel it is a greenish black. Any ideas? The pans are typical chef's cookie sheets. I'm afraied to use them without lining them. Is it time for new cookie sheets?
  14. I'm a passionate cook who get's off on wowing my friends family and acquaintances. I am not afraid to be adventurous in my cooking, but I am always interested in knowing what foods my company does not like. My ultimate pleasure is to see the look on their faces when they find my presentations delectable and it tickles their taste buds. I'll spend days or even weeks thinking about a menu before I cook it. And yes I do giggle excitedly to myself when I'm about to start cooking for a dinner party or when something comes out amazingly delicious. Gee this is like therapy, I get to get stuff out to people that actually understand me.. yes, I am a cookaholic
  15. Well for those who didn't catch it Chef Garces is the next Iron Chef.
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