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  1. Thanks Drewman!! How much would cream be? JeanneCake appreciate your response! But again how much is the cream quantity?
  2. Hi Could some one please help me with a large batch of caramel! Sugar and water proportion remain same or is water reduced? Have tried a few batches and got hard rock sugar Regards
  3. ritz55

    Millet Bread

    Tylerk Yes I have an access to both flax seeds and psyllium fibre powder ,though I have never used these can surely give it a shot! Thanks for your help!
  4. ritz55

    Millet Bread

    Panaderia Canadiense Thanks for your response!! Am open to other options as well not necessarily yeast leavened loaf!!Can surely try this if you could pl give me the recipe!
  5. Hi Am looking for a recipe for gluten free millet bread.Most of the recipes require xanthum and guar gum which are not available here. Could anyone please help me????
  6. I did beat it till it was climbing the beaters and was like a stretched chewing gum if I may say so(sorry for the gross description )Would weather conditions affect this??
  7. I have made it at least 8-10 times with the same result n use 2 different thermometers which are traditional liquid ones.The batch is one whole recipe and beating the mixture as the book says for 6 minutes.
  8. Hi All Have been making marshmallows from "Chocolates and Confections" for some time now. Marshmallows turn out to be very soft and unable to hold shape.I follow all the instructions from the book-weighing ingredients ,temperature at which it is cooked etc . I dont know where Im going wrong,could somebody please help me????
  9. Chris..Thanks a lot for all your help. The caramel sauce is hard even at room temp so its not too cold though havent tried to re-heat it. Will try making it again with the ratios given by you.Though have one more thing to ask you that how much sugar would be required for every yolk??
  10. @CrisZ..The recipe that Im using is which incidentally does not mention the temperature at which sugar has to be cooked so I cooked it for 6mins and also does not include any eggs or gelatine. The caramel sauce was hard and I presume it should have been a flowing sauce since it has to be whipped in cream. What would be the proportions for sugar and eggs?? Cris what Im looking for is a light in texture mousse and if possible should have some shelf life. Appreciate your help!! @Broken English..Thanks for the recipe, will give it a shot!!
  11. Hi Have been a silent reader of this forum since years and consider it as my Virtual Guru! I have been struggling with caramel mousse since many days so have turned towards my guru for help!!!! My problem is I cant get caramel right it turns into toffee Is it possible to do with either caramel syrup(readymade ones) or with Snickers/Mars. Also can it be done with gelatine/marshmellows instead of eggs, have a mental block against raw eggs Thanks
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