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  1. some ideas. Understand that I can't read the book. first. the idea of spraying the hanging sausages for the first four days. I was told that and I thought we are trying to dry sausage. Do any of you spray your peperone when it is first hanging and the skin feels a little dry? As to the oven to activate the bacterfirm. Why can't I use the curing box turned off and put a pot of hot water in there. I am having trouble getting my oven to stay at 85 degrees and this way I could hang the meat in the box once and not have to hang it twice. once in the oven and once in the box. Tell me what you think. thanks
  2. I just heard from Michael Rulhman today and he said to put plenty of water in the salt pan. I have a feeling doug is right to just wet the salt down. I am using a 4.4 cubic foot fridge with a control to keep the temp at 60. This is the correct temp is that right? I am learning a lot. During the first four days of my peperone that went bad, I sprayed the sticks down with too much water so they really didn't dry properly . Just give me a clearify on the salt. just wet it right?
  3. Well mates I finally got some one to drill a hole in my little fridge so I could install my johnson control to regulate the temp. I was thinking about hanging say peperoni. Lets say I make one link and pinch it off in the middle to form two links that will be separated by a piece of casing. Now the top shelf of this fridge is a wire shelf. I was thinking of those metal shower hooks but thought they might degrade or rust with all that humidy. I don't want to use string because I want to be able to take it off and weigh it to see how it is coming along. Also I understand that the links should not be touching is that right. Now don't send me any pictures. So what is the best way and idea to hang the meat in a 4.4 cubic foot fridge. thanks
  4. I think I will try it and see what happens. I will report on what it is doing and go from there
  5. yo dougle. Thanks about the fan. I can't see so I can't read the meter. I think I will try making a small batch and see how it turns out.
  6. okay chris I will try it. I intend to open the door twice a day to feel and smell the peperone. I think I will have sighted help to look at it too once a day. How will I know if a fan is needed or if anything is going wrong.
  7. I have a johnson control to control my danby 4.4 cu ft fridge. There is no fan in it. It seems that some people use a fan and some don't. Does any one have a portable thermostat to control a little fridge and can you tell me if I need a fan or not. thanks
  8. Hi Rhonda. Well now that I think of it last time I went to Mandalays it was about 5 years ago and they didn't have the pork on the menu but they made it if you asked for it. The string bean were great too. Now the pork had to be deep fried in a batter because it was crunchy and I don't remember the sauce. And they had coconut rice which was very good too.
  9. well maybe I can get away with out a fan. There is a drip pan on top of the compressor so the humidity will drain out. I want to make pepperoni, salami, and sooprasatta. I am blind so will be opening the door once a day to touch and smell and have a sighted friend look at what is happening.
  10. I am gona try to do the curing with out the humid sensor. Do you have a fan in your dorm fridge?
  11. Thank you Dougle for your long explanation. I probably don't need a fan then. This is a little under the counter fridge and the evaporator plate is vertical on the back wall. There is no freezer. Yes I probably will use a shallow salt water tray and a sponge to remove the extra water build up. Thanks again.
  12. When I go to California to see my college friends they take me to this restaurant called Mandalays and I think it is on 4th and California in San fran sisco. They have this crunchy pork that has a great sauce and the dish is called Mandalay pork. Has any one heard of this and do you know how to cook it
  13. I posted this in Michael Rulhmans topic which is the wrong place. Just getting the hang of how to post on here. I have a Danby 4.5 cubic fridge and a Johnson control to keep the temp at 55. I am going to get a computer fan but need advice on where and how to mount it.
  14. hey beefy. you are right. I wish you would have told me about the metal peal before I bought one. I was struggling with it until the pizza forum guys straightened me out. If any one is going to be in denver I will give it to you.
  15. Over there at the pizza making form that is all they do is play with dough and pizza. They will teach you a new way to make dough and you will learn a lot. You caNOT use parchment paper. That is just not how it is done. Unless you want to make a cracker thin crust and you can use a pan for that. The first time I used a stone the pie stock and I shook it hard and my guide dog was eating all the topping that fell on the floor. Another time stuff landed on the bottom of the oven and the smoke alarms went off. And I read that a lady got mad and threw her pizza out on the lawn because it wouldn't come off of the stone. my name over there is "the blind meat cutter"
  16. I was having the same problem until I went to the pizza making forum. http://www.pizzamaking.com/forum/index.php It sounds like your dough is tooo wet or you are putting too much topping on the pie. These guys told me to sift the flour. Go over there and check out tum Lehmanns ny style pizza. you will have fun.
  17. Well I hope I am posting in the right place. I have a 4.5 cubic ft danby fridge for my curing chamber. I will use a Johnson control part number A19AAT. It will plug into the wall and the fridge plugs into it and you stick the capillary tube in the fridge and you can adjust from 20 to 80 degrees. I will use a wall wort also plugged into the control to run the fan. What kind of computer fan should I get and how should I mount it. Also, I am blind and when I do my first cure I will want to have some one who I can email directly for guidance. I will have sighted help on hand to tell me if they see mold and the color of things. thanks
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