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  1. I'm trying to make dinner plans for 2/19, couldn't get a reservation at Nicholas & someone suggested Fromagerie as an alternative. Any opinions on this restaurant? Great food is the most important factor, other recommendations in that part of NJ are also welcome.
  2. Close to Toms River in Seaside Park is the Atlantic Bar and Grill. Very good food and atmosphere (overlooking the ocean). Nice place for after work drinks, I think they have a website. Entrees were around $25-$30.
  3. Their pizza replaced Ralph's as my local favorite. Crispy crust with a decent amount of spices in the sauce...
  4. Looking for a place to have a birthday party - on a Sunday, 30 people, looking for Italian food & in the N. NJ area (anywhere from Lyndhurst up to the Wayne area is OK) Any ideas?? thanks
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    Had dinner on the outdoor terrace last night - perfect atmosphere, excellent food and service. We started with guacamole, quesadillas made with Oaxacan cheese, and the lobster tacos. I would go back just to hit the appetizer section again. The flavors in the guacamole were exploding & the quesadillas were exactly like the kind you would get in the city of Oaxaca. I had the pampano, he had seafood meatballs served over a shrimp/lobster bisque. Mine was very good - fish great & rice just OK, but his dish was outstanding. We tried the custard with carmelized bananas & corn cake with coconut ice cream and hibiscus sauce for dessert. I thought custard had good texture but was somewhat bland, the ice cream and corn cake was an interesting combination but didn't blow either of us away. We both enjoyed the Mexican hot chocolate. I would recommend to anyone (as long as you like seafood)
  6. I have the opportunity to eat at Pampano on 209 e. 49th, it is described as modern Mexican. Any comments??
  7. I'm planning a dinner in NYC for my husband's birthday & was thinking about Sparks. He loves steak & the reviews here seem mostly positive... My question is, altough we both like wine, I'm always stumped when ordering off a large wine menu like Sparks would offer. What are the basics when ordering a bottle or more likely a half bottle when you don't have a clue what you are looking at? Unfortunately budget is also a concern, but I hate to just zero in on the least expensive bottle.... if I take the waiters suggestion, do you tell them ahead of time you only want to spend x amount of dollars?? (FYI - I say half bottle because I'm pregnant, not because I'm cheap!)
  8. I had an excellent halibut dish at Petite Cafe - I recall being pleased with both the food and service. The only negative I could see was the atmosphere - it was empty on a Saturday night & the room has the feel of a converted & dressed up deli. I would go back for a casual weekday meal.
  9. I've been there too many times to count and have always enjoyed my meals. It's one of my favorite local places. Service is hit or miss and the noise level can be loud on the weekends when they are full. Tables for two are close together if that is an issue. I would give it a try.
  10. I have to disagree with joi h that Tinga Taqueria in Montclair is anything close to the best Mexican in this area. Their style is more California wraps than authentic Mexican, but if you are looking for a fast and inexpensive lunch, go for it. I have been to Mexico numerous times and as far as the cheese issue goes, it is very common to find simple Oaxacan cheese tacos on a menu. You certainly would not find shredded cheddar or other cheese packed into a taco or burrito, like you see in your typical theme (Chevy's, etc.) restaurants. I used to eat in Montclair's Mexicali Rose on occasion, but find their food bland and also not close to what is found throughout Mexico. My vote would go to Toro Loco in South Orange or El Bandido in Orange (used to also have a place in Fairfield). I recently had shrimp with pippian sauce (made from pumpkin seeds) at Toro Loco & it was outstanding. I would love to see more suggestions for places I have not yet tried.
  11. The waiter said they have been open for just one month. There was a decent crowd & lots of people picking up "to go" orders, so I'm hoping the good news is getting around. The menu also lists lunch specials at $4.95 M-F 11-3pm. The info is: Brookside Thai 378 Broad St. Bloomfield 973-566-0057
  12. Had an excellent meal last night at Brookside Thai in Bloomfield. We tried the Tom Ka soup (coconut milk/lemongrass), Spring Rolls, Mus Munn curry with beef (similar to a beef stew with potatoes, carrots and a peanut sauce that was amazing), and Pad Gra Pow (chicken with chilis, red peppers, onion and basil). It's BYO, entress are in the $6-$8 range, located next to Town Pub on Broad Street. I would highly recommend - overheard those at tables nearby comment on how good their meals were as well.
  13. "i wonder if we'll see bp around much more. i'm thinking not." Are you talking about me?? If so, I'm sorry I ever posted - I just found this site recently, tried to get the word out about a restaurant I enjoyed - I'm suspected of being affiliated with the place & then because someone didn't like a sauce (which I don't recall having on my steak) you think I won't stand by my original opinions? sheesh - this is a tough room and I'm sorry I got involved. also, the restaurant is just a few blocks from Corrado's market, and so must be just beyond the border of Clifton.
  14. Rachel, My only connection to this restaurant is a friend's husband who knows the owner and so was invited to the opening. (he has NO investment in the business whatsoever) The original post was simply my honest opinion, shared by my husband, who is a big steak lover. He travels for business, and has been to Mortons, Bones, Chops, Peter Lugers, Gibsons, Ruths Chris, etc., and swears the steak in Clifton was as good as Mortons & I agreed. I want to get the word out so the place can stay open for us to go to in the future, try it for yourself & tell me what you think.
  15. If you are looking for a great steak, try the Wild Bull Steakhouse in Clifton. I was there for the opening party this weekend, and my group all thought the food was excellent. The steaks reminded me of Mortons, broiled crisp on the outside & tender and flavorful inside. We tried the crabcakes, bloomin onion & blue corn soup for appetizers - all wonderful. The decor is Texas roadhouse, wood interior with a stainless steel bar, pool table, etc. There was a live band that was a little too loud for dinner music, but hopefully they will work the sound out in the next few weeks. For a brand new place, the service was acceptable, we expected mistakes & were pleasantly surprised. We are always on the lookout for reasonably priced & good quality steak & have been disappointed by Steves, Charlie Browns, Alexus, and Lone Star, etc. I'm looking forward to another visit.... see the menu at wildbullsteakhouse.com
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