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  1. Fifi, that sound's dynamite! Especially the pork loin. But, what's "bitter orange juice"? For years, decades actually, I've been trying to figure out how "Cuban pork" is done and maybe that's part of the secret. It is a secret recipe that no one seems to part with. This is Key West Cuban pork.
  2. Maybe you've been adding too much.
  3. Spam marinated in Maggi and broiled to perfection. Just for you Jin.
  4. Did you burst any seams in that 38c?
  5. While we're at it, how is "Maggi" pronounced?
  6. I guess this got started over at Suzanne's foodblog when she said she was happy to finally finish off the last of the Maggi Seasoning that Suvir had recommended and I piped up that I like Maggi. So here we are. I do like Maggi, but haven't been able to find it locally in years. It is not a true soy sauce, Shoyu or Tamari. It is it's own thing and should be appreciated (or despised) on its own merits - or demerits. I use it when I'm trying to approximate something Chinese, where Tamari or other soy sauces just don't have the flavorful "kick" to them to get the job done. I am definitely one of those who thinks Maggi has a place in the cabinet. Thanks to Fat Guy for the link. From that I discovered that a local supermarket now carries it. Maybe it helped that I was in there a year or so ago when I went on a manic Maggi hunt and hit every store within twenty miles. In every one I described what it was and it looks like one found it. Such is the spell of Maggi Seasoning. Thanks also to Dave for bringing back the old Cabrales chicken cooking thread. One of the most memorable in eGullet history.
  7. Nick

    Marindes for Bison

    I'd go with what Jackal said. But, I'd add some fat to it as well.
  8. I love Maggi Seasoning for some things, but haven't been able to find any around here (coast of Maine) for a couple of years now. None of the people in the stores have the slightest idea what i'm talking about. Oh Suzanne, you probably threw out the bottle that had the maker/distributor's name on it. It's great in Chinese chop suey - or whenever you're making something like it. Basically really tasty MSG.
  9. The "r" lore in northern climes holds true today for safety reasons.
  10. Nick


    I agree with Jin in that liver should be rare, no more than medium rare. But, I don't use two pans. I melt some butter in the pan and saute the onions until they're about transluscent. Then I take them out, add more butter, and put in the liver. Turn the heat up some so the liver gets browned. After it's browned on the first side, flip it over. Add back the onions on top of the liver. Actually I use lots of onions so some of them are on the bottom of the pan as well, frying (sauteing, whatever) in the juices and butter. Turn down the heat after flipping the liver and adding the onions. Liver should not be over 1/2"-5/8" thick so it doesn't take long. Get your liver at a good butcher shop or slaughterhouse. Learn to recognize good liver when you see it. There's a lot of liver on the market that isn't fit to eat.
  11. Tommy - You can be such an asshole. I meant I wouldn't get into the trip about her raking and her ex baling. The only way you get something is if somebody slams a bat up beside your head.
  12. Well, after I brought up red tide earlier, people seemed to have latched onto that. So now I'll bring up the effect of fresh water run-off from storms into the estuaries during the warmer months. Whatta ya' all think about the effects of that on the viability of safe shellfish eating?
  13. Susie's for real. She raked the hay and her ex was doing the baling - complicated story I won't get into. Anyhow, after I wrote the last he showed up at the door (we were just getting ready to eat) and the hay was baled but it was getting dark. So Susie drove the big John Deere hauling the hay wagon and a young feller and I pitched the bales onto the wagon with Dick, the ex, stackin' on the wagon. We got the last bales on just as dark was really settling in. Heavy bales, but it's supposed to rain tonight, so no choice. They'll probably mildew. But, it was good exercise for this 62 year old smoker - especially when we were loading going up-hill. Gave me an excuse to tell the young feller why he should give up smoking now.
  14. Saw that (back when I had a TV.) It was great! He sounded and almost acted just like her. Ended up cutting himself (not really), blood all over the place and it was still Julia carrying on. Great piece.
  15. What am I to think? Here at this site we have many people who otherwise seem sensible, but when it comes to a really stupid television show (as most are) cannot wait to post some frivolous (aye, meaningless) comment. Has television reduced everyone to the lowest common denominator? Edit: Susie says I'm being too harsh. She thinks I'm being an asshole for being so critical. She also thinks that it is almost as bad to spend all this time at eGullet as to watch Rocco. Susie has assisted in this edit. Edit II. Susie would also like to say that she just came off a tractor after spending five hours raking hay so it could be baled before it rains tonight. There is a little dose of reality.
  16. The "r" month is something that's been around Maine ever since the white people came - and they learned it from the Indians. We've always used it for clams, but in probably applies to oysters and mussels as well. The reason for this is "red tide" which happens in the summer months and can leave people in hard shape, or maybe dead, if they eat shellfish that have been infected. I think the official name for this is, "paralytic shellfish poisoning." At least in Maine, the applicable state agencies are on top of this and when red tide hits in a particular part of the coast, the flats are closed. I can remember when the whole coast was closed from Eastport to Kittery - or at least most of the Maine coast. Also, at least in Maine, the gov't agencies are now so on top of this that you can safely eat shellfish all summer. Though.... some of us still hold off until September rolls around. Edit: Now that I'm thinking about this, mussels are the first to get hit by red tide.
  17. This has all been something. Has there ever been a thread at gullet that has stirred so much response - for so little content? Hippest thing on last night's episode was where one of the black chicks sitting at that table said, "Once you've done black, you'll never go back." Amen, my honkie brothers.
  18. Tony, you gotta bring out one of those Ken/Barbie doll things so your fans can get you just like they want. Neat, messy, classy, virtuous, restrained..........
  19. Pork provenance - "Today, a new U. S. Pork symbol identifies quality pork raised by America's pork producers. It is the hallmark of the world's finest pork in terms of safety, wholesomeness, consistent quality and availability."
  20. And probably the ones you don't are the ones you should cook the best for. Yeah, it's idealistic.
  21. I kept looking at the ads before it happened thinking it might be worth going to. But, having little money and not liking to travel more than a couple of hundred miles for something unless it's extraordinary, I didn't. Maybe start a thread that reviews your impressions (and maybe others that went will chime in) for those of us that didn't make it.
  22. Well, if you're talking prime rib from a good critter... that's a whole new ball game as they say.
  23. Good beef fat is hard to come by these days. For some reason the best crunchy, mouth filling beef fat I find is on T-bones. Once in awhile Fulton will get in a critter for slaughter that has such fat.
  24. Sorry to be down on the pork, except for Jason's shot. Just didn't see anything extra special. Sure, better than supermarket stuff, but... And then again, we have to remember that I'm the guy that thinks Penzeys is over-rated. After I get back in my house in a few weeks I'll get some boneless spareribs from Fulton and Janey's and put up a pic. Jin, you've got it! The fat is the best part! The only fat that equals pork fat is duck fat. Free range chicken fat comes in a close second.
  25. I think that would be neat. So many people here have put him down that he should have an opportunity to respond to whatever questions are put to him. Judy Rodgers would make another good Q&A.
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