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  1. Nice to see my topic is stil here after almost 10 years. As usual, will be making our "Sciadunes" one week from today on Holy Thursday!
  2. yes, Italian Sunday Tomato Sauce (the reason I posted in this Forum). thousands of Italian American families grew up around pots of homemade sauce and pasta every Sunday as part of the family dinner. have heard of everything from ground veal/beef/pork, meatballs, lamb or sausage being added to simmer in the sauce for hours. but never - never - hot dogs.
  3. Heard the most bizarre thing last evening. Guy told a group of us that his grandmother's secret weapon in a pot of homemade sauce was a few hot dogs. Sounds like complete and utter blasphemy. Has ANYBODY else ever heard of this??
  4. yes you can use a pasta machine to roll the dough, just make it more thin than thick, you want the pepperoni and cheeses inside to cook and melt through
  5. It's as hot as the other sauces I've tried, but it's more about the flavor than pure heat. And the color is a bright, reddish maroon. Fabulous.
  6. Yea, it is a chain, which is why I said that it took me over a year to get there because we usually go to one of the locally owned places for wings/sandwiches. But I'll go back to Wing Stop just for that Cajun Sauce!!
  7. Took me over a year to break down and get to the local Wing Stop in our city. I try, as much as possible, to go to the local/private owned places in our area instead of chains. Well, let me say, I'll be back to Wing Stop. And soon! The most amazing Cajun dipping sauce for your wings/chicken planks. It took everything I had not to start dipping my napkin and gnowing on that. Brought my buddy's leftover container home with me, and would love to find out an equivalent or perhaps the real thing!
  8. I should confirm that by "pie" I mean more of a half moon shaped filled pie. Almost like a calzone or, more crudely, a Hostess fruit pie. The dough we use is it a circle shape, we put the filling down and flip over the dough to make a half moon shaped "pie" filled with the cheeseegg and pepperoni filling.
  9. YES! YES! YES! My family is from right outside Campobasso in Cercemaggiore. My grandfather and father always made homemade sausages and soppressata, but neither my grandmaother or mother never used it in our "Shadoons" - it's always been pepperoni, or occasionally prosciutto. We've never put wine in our dough either. But both ideas - the soppressata and the wine - sound like they're worth experimenting with this year! I've been wondering if anybody outside our circle of family or friends ever made shadoons - sciadone! - or heard of them! Thanks for the response, it was exciting to see a mention of the Campobasso region all the old timers in my family used to talk about so much.
  10. Anybody else's family make these? We make then on Holy Thursday every year. We roll out the dough into rounds, then stuff with a filling of basket cheese, romano cheese, pepperoni and eggs. Roll the dough into a half moon, brush with egg yolks and bake. We also make varieties with prosciutto instead of pepperoni and ones with crabmeat or shrimp so we can eat those ones on Good Friday.
  11. Just returned from 10 days in WDW. Some foodie highlights: ** Best salad was at Wolfgang Puck. Was also the simplest. Mixed field greens with a wonderful sherry wine/olive oil dressing. ** Loved California Grill. Goat Cheese Ravioli appetizer had a wonderful light broth. Shamelessly sopped the broth dry with bread! ** Le Cellier in Canada was superb. The Spicy Chicken Sausage Chorizo appetizer over a bed of polenta was especially good. ** Haven't seen it mentioned in this thread, but we really enjoyed the San Angel INN in the Mexican pavillion. Had the Black Pepper Crusted Lamb and really enjoyed it. ** Lastly, I also liked the Boma African Buffet. Awesome homemade soups.
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