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  1. The easiest way to get it is on our website where you'll find a webshop or check the map with bookshops all over the world that sell it.
  2. Dear all, Almost two years ago you all discussed the release of the first edition of Pastry In Europe. Time flies and we already released the third edition: Pastry In Europe 2011. I'm wondering who's already has a copy or ordered one and what you think about it? Somebody any comments on the 2010 or 2009 edition. Looking forward to hear your comments. Thanks a lot, Joost van Roosmalen Pastry In Europe
  3. Hello Rob, Thanks for your post about the book, it's a big story and I will spend some time this afternoon looking at it. I want you all to know that there are huge prices for Pastry in Europe 2009 on the Internet, like on Amazon or on E-bay. If you order the book through our website or at one of the bookshops listed on our site at Related Links, you can be sure that you only pay € 49,- or USD 59,-. See http://www.pastryineurope.com Joost
  4. Hello everybody, We are the publishers of Pastry in Europe 2009. I really hope you don't think this book is a hype, because it isn't. We are going to publish this book every year with the best from the pastryfield in Europe. It's not a magazine, it's a real book with indepth articles about products, a lot of recipes and information. All from the European classics to the most hypermodern things that come from Spain. On our website you can find out more about it and see some of the articles that are in there allready. http://www.PastryInEurope.com If you have any questions or comments, don't h
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