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    Barbeque Sauce

    My favourite oddball ingredient for a tomato based BBQ sauce is Lovage. It will add a peppery celery like taste with a hint of anise. Lovage can be difficult to find but is easy to grow in your garden. I always add some corn syrup or glucose to a tomato based BBQ sauce. It give the sauce that shiny glossy texture. But do not use glucose as the only sweetener, add others for flavour like molasses.
  2. MatsP

    Ketchup Recipes?

    Thanks. I’ll try them. I have always cautious with nutmeg and two spoonfuls in Micheal Smiths sounds a lot. My idea is to leave it out and be more generous with allspice.
  3. MatsP

    Ketchup Recipes?

    Ketchup. Thats what I like with fries. Anyone that has a good recepie?
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