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  1. I've purchased it at Western Beef, mostly in Long Island and Queens. WB also has a 2 stores in Manhattan. The stores I've visited carry Goya as well as another brand I can't recall.
  2. I'm referring to Veal that is slaughtered when only a few days old
  3. Anyone knows if it's sold legally anywhere in NYC? If so, can I assume that it's clean of antibiotics? Thanks.
  4. Yes, it's gotta be wide and shallow. Still, I haven't bought the tart rings yet so I don't know whether this recipe is close to what the bakery makes. I usually make this non-related brownie recipe minus the walnuts and plus cocoa; it's very soft in texture and tastes like an explosion of butter and chocolate that sometimes is too much.
  5. Thanks for the info; I'm going to get either the muffin top pan or the tart rings, whichever I can get matching paper lining for.
  6. I don't know what volume they hold but I think they look like these. To use these, do I need a muffin pan as well or the baking cups just lay on a baking sheet?
  7. The actual brownies are much wider and shallower than a standard muffin. I'm thinking either this not the right recipe or there are other shapes for the same volume.
  8. I really dig their brownies specially because of the crusty top. True, they can use more chocolate. Now that I found a recipe, I'd like to know what muffin cups I should use and where I can get them, as well as what paper I should line them with. Thanks.
  9. Agree. While I'm experimenting with other recipes from the thread and the book, I feel like I'm entitled to find good cooked ham at the the store. It's not that easy, but Cotto is available at many Italian stores for about $10 per lb. So when I can plan ahead that's what I get, and when I cannot I just skip the ham.
  10. It depends on what the meaning of the word skill is… but whatever the meaning I likely don’t posses many. For my food to come out well all the stars need to be aligned. Most of the time they are as that’s the only way I can eat the food I like at a price I can afford. But mental mistakes often conspire against the stars. Like when I forget to pat dry the salmon and the skin sticks to the grill pan, or when I take the eggs out of the water too early, or when I over salt the lettuce.
  11. Most of the time on the stovetop; I would say at 200 - 220F. A few times in the oven, same temp. Yesterday, after rekindling the love affair with the pressure cooker, I used the PC and got the same results. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't do this so often if I didn't love this dish; but I just wish it was a little lighter.
  12. I was actually referring to the cooked version of prosciutto. I found more info here
  13. I'm having a problem when braising veal breast: not much of the fat gets rendered. While the collagen makes this dish very rich, the fat makes it very heavy. Is there any technique help render more of the fat?
  14. While I don't necessarily find AB or I unpretentious, what's pretentious about roasted bone marrow or french bread or sea salt? I wouldn't want to waste the marrow, and if I don't want to use it to enhance a dish, why wouldn't I roast it and serve it on bread? In fact I can't think of a better way to eat bone marrow, especially beef marrow. French bread? Sure, I wouldn't use sliced bread; it could be any bread made in a decent bakery. I pay 30 cents for very decent crusty rolls. Sea salt? I would use the best sea salt I had for this dish, but $2 per lb sea salt would be good enough for me. How much does table salt cost?
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