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  1. Had a very good lunch on Wednesday here. Amazing were the langoustines, of divine quality, cooked to perfection and with some very, very good accompaniments. On the same level was the Brillat Savarin cheesecake, which one can hardly find any better. Notable also was the high standard of the lunch menu, nearly as good as the alc. more on the blog, with pics.
  2. Was there yesterday again. My second lunch proved to be just as good as the first one, desserts even better. All in all, their lunch menu is maybe slightly less complicated than the alc. Personally, I always enjoy this little restaurant, where one feels really well and enjoys great food. more on the blog
  3. Might try One O One next week, has anyone been? Any suggestions on what dishes to take/avoid?
  4. I think if there is a criticism of foliage the food is sometimes too precise, at the expense of flavour. I remember a cold foie gras dish (their cold foie gras is some of the best in london, btw) with perfectly arrayed balls of apple gel alginate which didn't taste of much. It was a perfect picture on the plate but seemed to sacrifice presentation for flavour. That's probably the distinction between Capital which is a bit messier, but can be a bit punchier flavour wise. Yes Chris Staines (and I guess the other chef at the hotel - theres the foliage chef and the overall hotel chef I forget) very underrated. The hotel has done a good job of maintaining a reputation for food down the years, from MPW down to Hywell Jones and the current mob. ← I can't say that for any of the dishes we had, except maybe the desserts. They were slightly less good, the rest, however, was some of the best food I've had in London recently
  5. You made some good points there. We both didn't really expect to get such an interesting and really well executed meal. I have some pics on my blog, they show that Staines has a lot of potential.
  6. Had a really good lunch at Foliage on Wednesday. My companion and me were quite astonished with the quality of the dishes we got. The biggest successes were scallops, gnocchi, sole, chicken and pork. Desserts were slightly less good, but still not bad. All in all much more interesting than RHR for example.
  7. It is hard to see why this restaurant gets so much blame. After having been there yesterday I must say that it was the best meal I've had in London so far. It isn't the most creative cooking, but certainly perfect throughout. Also, what I find important, you are sure not to see any elements on the plates that don't have a role in the dish. The 2 stars are an accurate judgement of this cuisine and really deserved, as the service and decor are wonderful.
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