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  1. yep, and it gets rid of the overcooked rim, provided you don't throw it into a pizza oven... WOrks well in most cases!
  2. that results in more juicy meat as it gets heated up more gently and evenly in the oven first. After resting it you can then just quickly brown it off in a pan. Much better for pretty much any kind of meat you want to cook!
  3. glad the Ledbury gets more and more recognition. And those pics look great. WOuld like to know which lunch menu can beat that for pricing!
  4. Whilst that French Launderette sounds like a cool idea, the price is less what they asked for in HK. There it were 800 bucks (US)... But yes, to eat at Harrods, even if its Keller's food isn't worth £250 in my book. They could have at least picked a more inspired place for it!
  5. Does anyone have an idea how the calorie thing goes down? It kind of seems bizarre to do that in a place like that. I always thought it was more style over substance at Gauthier, and this doesn't make me change my mind I must say.
  6. Yep, he actually found the pigeon guy for the Louis XV! That tells you a lot. And then there is that famous story of him having his beef hanging at a butcher in Nice, which they used too. One day Franck Cerutti (long-time Louis XV chef) came in and asked the butcher why he couldn't get that kind of stuff...
  7. Superb! thanks for all the tips! Will try to get as many of them as possible on the list !
  8. how is that missing? I think Andy's write-up is more than clear in being positive.
  9. Yep, that's also on the list. I read somewhere they only serve Pizza between 2.30 and 5.30 or so. Is that true? You can't get pizza any earlier there?
  10. That's what I always thought too. At least most restaurants I know do it like that.
  11. I had my eyes on that too! Thanks for confirming.
  12. Hi there, I'm going to spend three weeks driving through Napa, Sonoma County, LA, SF and probably Santa Barbara County. What I'm looking for are places for: Great burgers simple food, with superb products Pizza If preferable, something that's open for lunch, as we want to keep dinners for more high-end places. THanks a lot!
  13. the difference in price between Claridge's and RHR is minimal. WHilst one is a very solid restaurant and enjoyable, the other is not doing well at all. GOing to Claridge's would be throwing money out the window. If you don't want to spend 90quid for dinner, then go for lunch, at 45 it's hardly expensive for a three star.
  14. That is absolutely true. It's of course not only eating that "educates" you, reading cookbooks like the ones of Alain Ducasse's Grand Livre de Cuisine series, or Thoms Keller's certainly helps you understand certain things (e.g. that a proper sauce doesn't look like a sticky, shiny syrup) and the likes. Working in a very good restaurant for a few weeks or so also gives you a different perspective. But, you can't ask too much of the poor people! Sped, if you're aiming for standards as low as these, you have already surpassed them when it comes to the pictures. It's not the problem of their writing, or their liking of a restaurant or not. Its a problem of them making judgements that have no foundation. Furthermore, they write with a pretty authoritarian style, without knowing what they're saying. That's the problem. Anyways, your blog certainly does look very good, so keep it up! However, for planning trips to London, Andy Hayler certainly is a less biased source of information.
  15. unfortunately writing about food is perhaps a more complex topic than the British journalists make it out to be. No matter if they're good writers or not, we don't care. The problem is that they don't know much about food and have no culinary references that go much further than the borders of the UK. Its not necessarily a question of having food in a three star, what matters is that you can taste various types of cooking that are at the top of their game. OTherwise, you can't really judge someone. Of course, going to a lot of restaurants in various places would not necessarily make you a good critic, but it would certainly give you that reference base that makes it even possible to criticise others.
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