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  1. Just my two pennorth, but its probably you who is cocking up the cooking process and bollock all to do with the rice.
  2. You could always try School Dinners at the bottom end of Baker St, not for the food but the scenery is great Maybe it might be one for your hubby to try on his own (if you know what I mean).
  3. Having read this I would be amazed if there is anyone on the thread under 20 st.
  4. Perhaps you did not consume enough Martinis.
  5. ...and I really must get some specs, I thought it said brown bottling it.
  6. Tyke

    La Cigale

    I have just noticed this Bux, and cannot believe you asked. What sort of a dessert is a Supreme pray tell?
  7. Tyke

    La Cigale

    If you like champagne, why not order it? The oysters were very fresh indeed. Supreme Princesse Helene as you ask was my main course choice and consisted of a chicken supreme naped with a white veloute sauce mixed with asparagus puree and garnished with white truffle. BTW that has not come from memory, but it is a dish I recreated and served once back in Britain. Oh and Bux, if you read the topic title and description properly you would have seen it is Nantes.
  8. No, the greengrocers are still there, just all the bananas and cucumbers are plastic.
  9. That sounds like something available in one of the dodgier shops around Soho.
  10. Tyke

    La Cigale

    As you ask, and this is now seriously testing the memory banks: 12 oysters Escargot Supreme Princesse Helene Creme Brulee 2 Bottles house champagne. If you are ever in Nantes try it.
  11. Tyke

    La Cigale

    Has anyone ever eaten here? Totally wonderful. Even if it is a bit over the top in the gold filigree department.
  12. He talks out of his arse, maybe he has managed to see through the brown eye too !
  13. An industrial strength Ibuprofen. Several cups of tea, and another hour in the scratcher!
  14. Sandra, they are married to each other and living the high life on Vesta curry, angel whip and cheese whizz. Another bloody awful meal I was presented with was pasta and salmon bake. The host had used a tin of salmon and had not drained it, trimmed it, or de-boned it. Just opened the tin and threw it into the dish. When I arrived I threw the lot in the bin and booked a table at the local Italian.
  15. Might I respectfully suggest you buy a copy of 'Le Repertoire de la Cuisine' it will give you the recipes of all the great French sauces, and ingredients and prep for appetizers through to desserts. This will include Chicken Chasseur, a much lauded wedding breakfast special.
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