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  1. I made coq au vin on Sunday and it came out great. I'll be it was the first time I ever cooked coq au vin but the amora waifed through the neighborhood........
  2. I've ordered both from Gourmail and Chocolateman from Seattle. I get my chocolate within 3 days from the Chocolateman being in the San Francisco Bay Area but with Gourmail it's about 2 weeks as they are on the east coast. What I like about Gourmail is the shipping is way cheap. It's a set price. $9.95 anything west of the Mississippi River. Prices are cheaper for their Valhourna but they have limited selection.....
  3. I had the same problem with my metallics and I put the molds in the refridgerator for about 10 minutes and then they came out fine...... Rena
  4. I'll second what Lior says about Van Drunen Farms, I asked for a couple of samples and they sent me 13! Including Banana, Blueberry, Pomagrante, Peach, Passion Fruit, Mango, and the ususal....They are great to work with. Rena
  5. I cooked potato wedges last night and this is what I used. Preheat oven to 425 degrees: I used 1 Yukon Gold and 1 red pototo I sliced them into wedges then I salt and peppered them and added garlic powder as well. I then put them in a bowl and added the EVOO and tossed the potatoes to make sure all were coated. Prior to placing them on the cooking sheet I sprayed the sheet with Mazzola cooking spray. I placed them on the cookie sheet and put in the oven for exactly 30 minutes. Half way thur I turned them on the other side. They come out crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. YUMMY!! Rena
  6. I went to the San Francisco Chocolate Salon and had a blast. Won't be able to attend the one in Seattle though. Hope all goes well.....If anyone can go I suggest you go, there is so many chocolatiers out there now...... Rena
  7. I think I will do the oven first then sear in the pan but I must get a probe thermomter. I'll let you know how it turns out. Rena
  8. Hi, I bought 2 big rib eye steaks that are at least 2" thick. I've never cooked anything that thick before. I know I should probably sear it and then cook it in the oven the rest of the way but how long should I cook it if I want a medium rare? I DON'T want it well done, that would be a waste of money. Any suggestions will be great! Thanks, Rena
  9. I dipped the burnt marshmallow in chocolate and tasted them after they were set. I didn't really taste the burnt flavor due to the chocolate being the stronger taste. But I did like the texture the caramelization had on the marshmallow. It gave it a bit of a crunch when you bit into them. So, maybe I will use milk chocolate next time and just shoulder dip the marshmallow so the top will be exposed and give it a bit more visual appeal..... Rena
  10. Update: I burnt my marshmallows over a low flame on the stove. They were dusted in this stuff called 'Mircle Powder' I ordered from Sweet Celebrations which is now closed. It's the same powder that is on powdered donuts. Anyway, it's more like a cream burlee on the outside. It's hard and caramelized. I tasted one and it tasted burnt just like from the campfire. Now I'm waiting for my chocolate to temper and will dip them. I'll give another update once they are set. I don't have a camera so there will be no pics..... Rena
  11. Thanks Kayakado! I'll check out his website for that..... Rena
  12. ok I will give it a try. Thanks for the suggestions.... Rena
  13. I have a question: Do you think it's possilbe to take a homemade marshmallow and put it over a flame and burn it on the outside and then dip in chocolate? Would that work? I was at an event last week and a lady sugested I do that. I thought 'Ummm that might work' what do you all think?......I really like the burnt taste of marshmallow. Thanks, Rena
  14. I'll put my 2 cents in the cocovision (1.5 lbs capacity) not worth buying. I did purchase Hillards Little Dipper and I love it. For molding it's a bit messy but not that bad. I've had mine for 4 years and nothing has gone wrong yet. It's a workhorse....That's my opinion. Do your research before you buy. I'm stuck with that small cocovision that I paid $400.00 for and I don't even use it. Waste of money. Rena
  15. Hey Lior, Your frogs are so cute! I like the way you incorporate the colored cocoa butter. I see you got some freeze dried strawberry powder. Where did you source if from? I've been busy making Easter chocolate. I got a cookie cutter in the shape of a bunny's head and made some marshmallow. Then I cut out the bunnies using the cookie cutter. I applied and sucker stick to them and then I dipped them in chocolate. I'm getting a huge response from my clients. Unfortunalty I still don't have a decent camera to post pictures... Rena
  16. I was wondering where my post went now I know! Yes I am going to start my own business. I've checked out the commercial kitchen space and I think that's the route I'm going to take. I just don't have the start up money to get a store front. I'm now in the process of getting my list of confections and recipes together to see how much to charge etc.... I'll post again when I have more info.... Rena
  17. So I went to the Chocolate Salon on Saturday and it was great! There were a lot of different chocolatiers there many of them going from bean to bar as in Sacred Chocolates. They produce what is called 'Raw' chocolate where it's roasted over a longer period of time to perserve the healthy benefits of the cacoa bean. I went to another chocolatier company that has (according to there website and pic on the website) over 150 different flavors. I tasted there rootbeer float bon bon. I don't think it was a truffle as I tasted a butter cream rootbeer flavor and then vanilla cream flavor but it was tasty they also has a apple pie bon bon. The only truffle I did taste that was in my opioion yuk was a tequlia and lime truffle. I won't say what company it was but I don't drink anymore so maybe that's why I found it appalling. I was reaching for my water bottle real quick on that one. I bought a bacon bar that has pop rocks in it, uuummmm not to sure about that, and I did buy a heart shaped chocolate for the Raw chocolate company. I'm not sure if I should put the name of the compaines down or not, let me know and I will. I found it to be quite rewarding in more ways then one as I have made a discion to start my own business. I haven't said anything yet but I'm getting laid off from my work on April 30th. After 28years with this company they are centralizing all the divisional office's to two locations both are back east so as a result I'm losing my job. What better time to start my own business right! Anyway, I did take picture Lior but I used a disposable camera if you want I can mail them to you if you don't mind givin me your address. There were alot of differnt displays all were quite uniquie but after a while I couldn't take anymore pics because there were so many people there. So that's it. I hope they have it next year, As I was exitng the event I heard a lot of poeple saying stuff like "I ate so much chocolate to last me a year!" or "I'm done come pick me up" to " I'll never eat a another piece of chocolate again!" but funny thing is they all had bags for chocolate they all bought and we all know that later on that night they will be diving into those box's of chocolates I'm out I have to go to work as the days whine down to the end of my career there. Anything else you want to know just ask and I'll see if they had it there. Peace! Rena
  18. Hey everyone! If anyone is in the San Francisco bay area this Saturday it's the 3rd annual Chocolate Salon at Fort Mason. over 30 chocolaties and confectioners will be there along with winerys. I plan to go so I will give you an update. I've been wanting to go for the past 2 years they have held it. So this year I am going. Rena
  19. Thanks RobertM I will check out Burke Candy. I have been using Karo corn syrup and it seems to work. Terry isn't offering that class anymore but he still is teaching the other two class's. Rena
  20. I too am having trouble with my toffee. Out of 7 batches I've made only 4 have turned out. The other 3 crystlized on me. I realize now how when and when not to stir and also humidity in the air yes it does make a difference. So let's hope everyone making toffee this year ends up with some good batches!! Merry Christmas! Rena
  21. My bad it's Massala and it turned out to be a hit. Everyone liked it. A few bought some. I did ok it was fun getting out there and talking to people about chocolate. I called my chile truffle the Hot cha cha truffle which everyone wanted to know what it was...... Thanks again for the clarification..... Happy Holidays everyone! Rena
  22. Yes absolutely! I just made four batches of ganache and I've hand dipped two batchs tonight. I'm making a plain chocolate, Cherry/Almond Truffle, Sereno Chile Truffle, and Grana Marsala which is an Indian spice blend Truffle. All in dark chocolate.....
  23. Thanks for the ideas and I agree to keep it simple and bring a menu. I'll let you know how it turned out.....
  24. My friend is having a Wine and Vodka tasting at her work next week and invited me to bring my Truffles to sample in hopes of getting some business . It's from 3:30 to 5:30. Should I bring all of my product that I'm selling for the holiday or just Truffles? I haven't done anything like this before so I'm kinda of nervous. I don't even know what flavors to do....Any suggestions? Thanks in advance! Rena
  25. Thank you everyone for your input. I tried again tonight to make toffee and to my surprise it came out wonderful except for a splatter of toffee on my bare foot. I was pouring out onto the baking sheets and all of a sudden I felt the top of my foot burning and look down and saw some toffee on the floor but none on my foot. Oh well little lost but I got a whole batch. I used a stock pot this time and it seems to work fine..... Thanks again and happy chocolate making!! Rena
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