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  2. The wine list is actually an excellent point. It is quite reasonably marked up from the very little that I paid attention to, but certainly falls well short of the four star group, no doubt. FWIW, the tasting menu will likely land somewhere in the price range of Del Posto's, if not exactly on it (until DP increases it's prices post-4 stars). It's also worth remembering that prices go up over time, sometimes quickly. So I don't consider the initial price to be of any consequence to the discussion of stars personally. And although I've heard Benno's voice many many times at per se, he certainly adds to the theater of the meal at Lincoln, no doubt about it.
  3. I thought I'd made myself clear. I am saying it's impossible, based on attributes that can be seen at sight, and that have nothing whatsoever to do with the quality of the food, which I have not yet tried. (Lest anyone doubt that I'm a fan: I both want and expect the place to succeed.) It seemed to me that you said those things sight unseen. I was far more impressed with the space in person than in photos. I had not seen servingware etc.. anywhere in photos before going there. So perhaps more importantly - what attributes are those exactly? Food? Service? Decor? You admitted it can't be the first two, so it must be the last. And on that point, this places destroys Le Bernardin. I find it a lot nicer than Daniel too. Is it the lack of white tablecloths? (It's a legitimate question, I consider you far more knowledgable about reviews/stars/requirements than me or most people for that matter).
  4. I will add this. If I had to stake my life on it, after 4 days of service and a limited opening menu, I'd go with 3 NYT stars. I just take issue with someone saying "impossible" when they haven't even been there, let alone eaten there. Seems silly.
  5. I can't help but notice that you didn't answer my question. I think it impossible that Lincoln doesn't receive at very least 3 stars. Impossible. (queue the review of The Modern, I know...) The room is gorgeous, blows away every 3 star joint, and at least one 4 star (I'm looking your way LeB....). The service top notch. The food, and I'm anxiously awaiting the tasting menu, is better than what I've eaten at Del Posto for example. This does not make for an impossible 4 star review. All of this I only found out after visiting and eating there. So again, I ask... (no need to answer)
  6. I will say: A) That's utterly impossible Because this is the internet, I have to ask: Had you actually eaten there before saying that? Had you been there? (I did see from your twitter that you were there tonight for a cocktail)
  7. sickchangeup

    Per Se

    In terms of formulating a good strategy and setting appropriate expectations for the final bill, I'd suggest looking at the wine menu ahead of time (prices include tip, but not tax): http://www.tkrg.org/upload/ps_wine.pdf In particular you'll want to look at the "Wines by the Glass" section, page 1 in today's menu. If you are certain you want to stick to 4 glasses of wine, and using today's wine menu as a guide, then the final wine bill could range from a minimum of about $75 to a maximum of about $150pp if you pick the priciest wines on the list. FWIW, I've definitely had meals where I told the staff I wanted to go lighter on wine that day, and wanted to limit myself to 4 or 5 glasses for the evening. Regardless of what you chose to do, I would definitely recommend you convey your budget and preferences when you discuss wine after sitting down, then let them figure the rest out. Enjoy, and report back!
  8. I don't think there is any possible way you can skip Minetta Tavern's Black Label burger and call that sort of a visit complete. Same for Shake Shack. Others high on my list: JG Melon Corner Bistro (I find it awful, but it's still popular) Peter Luger (lunch only) Burger Joint at Le Parker Meridien Bill's Burger Five Guys Shopsins (for sliders if they fit your rule - a billion times better than Mark) Next tier: Lure Style Burger at Lure Spotted Pig Veselka (far more popular and talked about pre-burger craze) Blue 9 Burger Others for consideration: BLT Burger BRGR DB Bistro Burger (the original expensive NY burger - first of many questionable high $$ NY burgers) Pulino's (after midnight only) Balthazar (with cheddar) Sadly I haven't tried the Dumont Burger or the RUB burger.
  9. Cafe Zaiya http://zaiyafood.com/contactus.htm http://zaiyafood.com/503/Onigiri
  10. Went in for some pizza today, late afternoon style. Pizzaiolo Giulio Adriani was making the pizza's, and we ordered the Margherita Extra (Margherita / cherry tomatoes / bufala mozzarella) & the Marinara (San Marzano tomato sauce / oregano / garlic / basil). This pizzaiolo seems a bit more Anthony Mangieri than Roberto Caporuscio, but ultimately lands somewhere in the middle since he was deliberate, but not meditatively so. Lot's of fustidying around with the oven and the pizza, but this is clearly his bag. These are just first impressions, but the pizza on the plate is another legit contender. Char is not an over the top flavor element here (unlike, say... Co.), but is certainly present. Looking at the pizzaiolo grab the dough, it looked wetter than what I've seen at Keste. The net effect is that the pizza came out a little bit like a cracker for the first couple of milimeters (the part that touches the oven), then becomes puffy above that (a very slight good fresh tandorri naan like element I suppose). The sauce seemed a bit tangy, the Marinara strongly flavored with oregano. Substituting the buffalo mozz on the Margherita Extra made for the traditional soupy pizza center, which I really like. There is a certain textural appeal to that thin crunchy crust layer. While I was there the aforemention pizzaiolo from Keste stopped by to say hello and have a look around. They seemed friendly if not best of friends. Was a bit shameful being caught red handed, since we've been Keste clients from when it opened, and frequently get comped a starter there, but it seems reasonable to expect that pizza fans of all kinds are going to check it out. "Service" as it is involved about 10 Italian dudes with various roles walking around trying to figure stuff out on the fly, involving themselves in about 45 serious discussions with one another while the meals went on. Clients right now are clearly secondary to figuring out how to serve said clients, sort of like a friends and family period where no one eating is treated like a friend or family. This is clearly better than 10 dudes who don't care, but extended waits and frustrations would seem to be unavoidable right now until they figure it all. I also get the impression this is the anti-Pullino's, I'm not sure I'd order anything apart from pizza (which is certainly large enough for a big meal), but will let other brave souls figure that part out.
  11. Now on Gilt: http://www.giltcity.com/newyork/corton
  12. I really hope we're not comparing Ko Chefs to Chef Yasuda, in any aspect, least of all client interaction. Good god.
  13. The madai with strawberries on the menu right now is a must order, sensational dish.
  14. I was there on a Monday a few weeks ago and it was a mostly empty restaurant through until I left, past 8. Of course opentable still didn't show tables available past 6pm for that day, which made no sense to me. That has now changed it seems, tomorrow they are showing tables for 2 at 7, 7:15 and 8:15. The flavors didn't really click with me, but I couldn't fault anything as lacking in effort or technique - both were very high, lot's of work went into the food, and I must have tasted close to 100 distinct items. If you like this place, seems now is the time to show some support.
  15. sickchangeup

    Per Se

    There may not be a nicer place for 10 people to dine together privately in the city. We did a champagne birthday dinner for 7 in December which was incredible, even better photos with Columbus Circle & Central Park in the background. We'll be in the main dining room Sunday evening, although I never report back much of anything :-)
  16. With a jump to 8th in the World Rankings and a third Michellin star, is it safe to say that the redo at Daniel can go down as one of the most successful in the history of NY fine dining? I'm thinking Le Bernardin could use some help in that dept next no?
  17. EMP squeezes in at #50: http://ow.ly/1DiTQ
  18. Well, Joel Dennis is confirmed to be leaving. Having eaten there 3+ more times since my first visit, I feel this will be a good change for the restaurant. The food of late reminded me of Blue Hill @ Stone Barns without the farm, food simply prepared and served so as to highlight the ingredients, but without the array of homemade canapes preceding it and without the massive fresh farm walking hours old ingredients over to the kitchen. On the positive side, every protein I ever ate here was ridiculously perfectly cooked, their pricing was a la carte so you could help yourself and dishes were artful in appearance, but it never added up to food that tasted as exciting as it's peers. The tragedy here is that their pastry chef is hands down the most talented in the city IMO, Sandros desserts are constructed but retain a homemade style of delicious - the macarons literally miles and miles apart from the 2nd best in town. There is a lot there that is great, and yet they have this revolving door of chefs. Kind of a shame, I really feel that Chef Ducasses failure to hire a great Chef for this restaurant (we now see his former chef's move onto lukewarm reviews elsewhere more often than not, with exceptions) is costing us what could really be a stellar 4 star dining experience otherwise.
  19. Just had lunch at Yasuda, and I mention it because although Scallop was the highlight, it was instead the orange liver and the greyish belly of the scallop that really stood out, not the scallop itself (which was perfectly good per se). The two were served side by side as separate pieces, towards the end of a 29 piece omakase meal as Chef Yasuda, egged on by my positive feedback, progressed further and further away from the safe stuff. Was truly exquisite, not sure where else you could get this "just cut" per the chef, here in the city. If $100 is pricey, I'd avoid the omakase and just order a few scallop sushi and whatever else by the piece. edited to add, $100 is a guesstimation for the cheaper/shorter omakase, I went past that amount during the meal above.
  20. sickchangeup

    Per Se

    My apologies! Truth be told, I had never asked for a formal non-alcohol pairing, but just rather asked for things here and there as I finished them, even taking suggestions, but clearly there is a difference. I do love the Pinor Noir juice though, JG has it on their menu as well. Thanks for the link to the article as well, hadn't seen that one.
  21. EMP has no dress code. Also, one time 1 of our party of 4 lost his jacket in travel, and Per Se was able to accommodate him fine by lending him a house jacket for dinner.
  22. Hmm.. I'm not sure any of the places named above will allow you to enjoy an extensive tasting menu, while your wife enjoys only "a course or two" - they all pretty much require the participation of the entire table for tasting menus. But that pretty much just means that you will have to eat more! At JG you can order the Seasonal Tasting and your wife the Signature, giving her 14 dishes to chose what she likes from, while you eat the rest. At Le Bernardin you can chose the 8 and she can chose the 7 course tasting - giving you 15 different dishes. I think Daniel has a choice in every one of their 6 course tastings, so that would be 12 courses to chose from. And presumably you can tell Stone Barns to do different dishes for the two of you as well.
  23. What is it about Per Se that your bride is trying to avoid? EMP has (by courses anyways) the longest 4 Star menu with their Gourmand at 11 courses. But they've also undergone a significant amount of persenification over the past year or two - a good thing to most people's measure, but which lead to my question above. LeB & Daniel both have French 8 course menu's, with LeB being all seafood and Daniel probably holding the lowest overall reputation on these boards historically foodwise anyways. Is all seafood a good thing? Is so, LeB is a strong choice. For me personally the choice would come down to Jean Georges (7 courses) or Blue Hill @Stone Barns (8 courses). At JG you'll have two pre-set menus to choose from, whereas at Blue Hill there really isn't a menu (although in theory expressing your preferences to them can get you a menu suited to your tastes).
  24. sickchangeup


    I can see both sides here. 30% off across the board on NY's greatest wine list is a very appealing deal, so much so that evidently I'm not the only one that kept holding out for it. He was quoted in the NYT of all places, then it didn't happen, and that's ultimately disappointing. But like oakapple, I see that he came on a public forum to clarify what happened, helped to point out what did happen and where to look, and I appreciate that far more than not. A big cut of a $200-$400 bottle of Burgundy is still welcome. Thanks from me as well.
  25. sickchangeup


    I actually had a copy of the red wine menu saved in some browser download folder from last July. Compared it to the current one available off their website and sadly it's identical. The question is whether that's any different than what's offered at the restaurant.
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