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  1. sickchangeup

    Best Pizza With A Reservation

    Donatella comes to mind - solid, nice looking, takes reservations, larger menu than just pizza & plenty of wine.
  2. sickchangeup

    Rouge Tomate

    I went a couple of weeks ago for lunch, paid full fare and really enjoyed it - far more than I thought I would. Look forward to going back, service and food were exceptional, given it's stated purpose and approach, a Michelin Star is very worthy IMO.
  3. For those that accepted that Per Se WAS the place (I count myself among them), it still very much IS the place. Nothing else has come along to surpass it. As far as reasonably priced, you're gonna have to get a whole lot more specific, you could get 100 recommendations without additional parameters ($$ per diner, location, cuisine, style just to name a few)
  4. sickchangeup

    Your NYC dining wish list for 2011

    Masa Kajitsu Ushiwakamaru Tulsi Millesime
  5. sickchangeup

    The state of NYC cupcakes 2011

    If you find yourself in Koreatown, Cafe Muse (32nd - closer to Broadway, uptown side) is worth popping into for their red velvet cupcakes. Really good post BBQ winter dessert solution, easy to take home containers of 2. Best I've had in NY, mostly due to the fantastic cocoa flavor.
  6. sickchangeup

    Best Cocktails/Bar in a Restaurant

    For the fine dining world, nothing comes close to EMP IMO.
  7. sickchangeup

    Jonathan Benno's Lincoln

    Now that would be a funny argument to make. That "extra stars for Italian" Bruni would have given them more stars then "extra stars for everyone" Sifton!
  8. sickchangeup

    Jonathan Benno's Lincoln

    I blame the designer.
  9. sickchangeup

    Jonathan Benno's Lincoln

    I know this isn't related to Lincoln so much as Platt, but knowing very little about Platt apart from what's in this thread, this quote from a Tony Bourdain interview definitely made me think of him: link to the interview
  10. sickchangeup

    Jonathan Benno's Lincoln

    He ate there 3 times.
  11. sickchangeup

    Per Se

    per se cuts reservations to the month
  12. sickchangeup

    Eleven Madison Park

    keep checking opentable and hitting the "next available" link when it says nothing found. Sometimes things open up closer to the date.
  13. Obviously this was mishandled. Badly. BUT, what strikes me as out of bounds is calling out members of staff by name, taking it down to a very personal level about who was there, who was not, who left, who was travelling etc... I'm surprised you didn't name the server who commented on the strong flavor! I too have a strong relationship with a very high end restaurant, and although I know 80% of the staff by name, I would NEVER make individual reference to any of them. The Chef's name is on the door, it's ALL his fault - no need to throw others under the bus, that's not your job - it's his. In short, I think there are tasteful ways to mention your issues, but I don't think you took that route. Was it wrong of the chef to berate you? 110%. 120%! But when you chose to take it to such a personal level against his staff, I'm guessing he takes it personal as well.
  14. sickchangeup

    Jonathan Benno's Lincoln

    And we now have a tasting menu: http://www.lincolnristorante.com/restaurants/131/menus/Lincoln-Ristorante-Dinner-Menu.pdf
  15. sickchangeup

    Jonathan Benno's Lincoln

    We now have a real webpage: http://www.lincolnristorante.com/ And a wine list to look at: http://www.lincolnristorante.com/restaurants/131/menus/Lincoln-Ristorante-Wine-List.pdf