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  1. Nice thread. This used to be quite an active board with fellow Britons posting right across the country but I visit only very rarely now. Just popped in to look up a chef's name from the "old days" and spotted it. Stornoway does have a reputation in the UK for its black pudding. Generally regarded (except by Scots) as in second place to the product from Bury.
  2. The winner of this year's Fish & Chip Shop of the Year award is Millers Fish & Chips, Haxby, York. Runners up were the Burton Road Chippy, Lincoln and Harbourside Fish & Chips, Plymouth Regional finalists, etc here - http://www.fishandchipawards.com/images/pagebuilder/NFCA2018-WinnersandFinalistBrochure.pdf
  3. North Yorkshire places we enjoyed in 2015: Anvil Inn, Sawdon Estbeck House, Sandsend Lanterna, Scarborough Star Inn, Harome White Swan, Pickering Willowgate, Pickering.
  4. Another Monty's Deli in London, then? That'd be a two hour train journey. There's another in Leicester, as well as Birmingham. I wonder if it's a chain?
  5. Yeah, but Birmingham would be a long way for me to go for a sandwich - easily an hour on the train.
  6. I can think of several London places that offer better food than Tayyabs. Trishna and Moti Mahal spring to mind, as does Tangawizi in Twickenham. Tayyabs' day has long faded.
  7. I'm assuming as this post is to the UK/Ireland board, then it'll be the only one we have - the city in north west England. As Chaihana Joe, I can't think of anywhere in the metro area which I'd regard as a seafood specialist, let alone a good one. This place, in Cheadle Hulme, has lobster salad on its regular menu but it's basically a pub - http://www.pointingdog.co.uk/#cheadle And, oddly, this Indian restaurant on the fringe of the city centre always has lobster thermador on the menu Which always seems to undermine its claim to be serving "authentic" south asian dishes - http://www.zoukteabar.co.uk/~zoukteab/speciality-seafood.php
  8. Now, of course, Stockport is 200 miles north west of London, so may be a bit far for folks wanting recommendations in the capital. I've been to Aamchi Mumbai a couple of times. Food is good but there are service issues as I mention in this review, posted to another board - http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/983454#9082377 We're fortunate in North Cheshire in having two places offering this sort of tiffin/street food type dishes. The other, literally round the corner from Aamchi, is the Indian Tiffin Room. Possibly the better of the two - http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/991630#9226183 And then, only a few minutes drive away in Cheadle Hulme is Seven Spices - http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/989414#9190643 Best of the rest in the south of the metro area would be Dilli in Altrincham and Murghli in Rusholme. Both offering "proper" menus, rather than the "any protein with any sauce" gloop of the high street curry house.
  9. And, even in central and northern England, most will be decidedly average and a goodly number will be awful. Pretty much all of them will taste pretty much as the next one ...and the next one.
  10. I'd doubt whether any accurate figures would exist, let alone any estimate for the vague term of "casual". A search of the various trade newspapers' websites may turn up some estimates of totals but I doubt whether I'd want to rely on a journalistic guess.
  11. Catherine/Megan Look forward to hearing about where you've eaten. Just started to think about restaurants for a 4 night trip in May - particularly interested in dinners.
  12. Bear in mind that our country is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. England is not a country just one region of a country.
  13. Bad news. One of those places that I always promised myself to visit, but never got round to.
  14. Tangawizi is a good bet (although it's horribly dark inside - I genuinely could not really see what was on the plate). I also like Pappadums, on the river at Brentford.
  15. No personal experience but the Good Food Guide lists: The Auberge and Feast at St Martin La Fregate and Da Nellow at St Peter Port
  16. Heaven knows. If that's the best the region can come up with, it's a poor do. I have a distinct sense of barrel-scraping. Of course, seeing as a goodly number of folk here are saying it's become shite, perhaps the chefs are saying it as well and want nothing to do with it.
  17. That'll be me, then, Thom, bemoaning. I think the room looks bloody awful, from the photo you post. How to ruin a spectacular space in one easy trip to IKEA. No doubt, I'll go an eat there at some point (I do enjoy the food at L'Enclume) but I've absolutely no enthusiasm for it. Whereas, in the past, it's always been a treat to go and eat at the French. A place we'd go for the celebrations in life. I assume that, with Thom and Sped getting in there for a preview, there's some heavy marketing going on. Perhaps significant that this doesnt seem to have reached as far as existing customers who are on their mailing list - I have received nothing from them about the opening whatsoever. But, then, as Thom indicates, folk like me (wrinklies who made up the bulk of the French's customer base) don't seem to be who they want through their doors.
  18. Must confess that, when in Spain, I'm quite partial to the industrial "long-life" ring doughnuts you get in all the supermarkets. No, they're not the "real thing" but they are nice.
  19. Were the ones you had as a kid cake or yeast donuts? I'm just curious.No idea. Not only are we talking about a snack eaten 50+ years ago, I have no idea what the difference is between yeast or cake doughnuts. Doughnuts are doughnuts to me. - I have never seen them distinguished betwen styles of making.
  20. I love doughnuts and eat too many of them. I remember as a small child in the 1950s going to places like Blackpool with my parents and queuing up at the one of the stalls selling them, straight from the frier into the bag for you, with a shake of sugar. In fact, take me to Blackpool now and I'm going to be buying half a dozen to eat while walking along the front. But I find KK's to be just too sickly sweet to be at all pleasant.
  21. We're thinking of a couple of days in Edinburgh later in the year and I'll do my best to avoid it.
  22. I've eaten Charlie's food on two occasions and really liked it. The evenings at the Marquis have not been enhanced by extremely slow service and, next time I'm in the Dover area, we'll be giving it a miss. Shame, but there you go.
  23. I have had one once (when they opened in Manchester). If I had to wait another 20 years for the next, it would be too soon. Looking at their website for the outlets (which includes in-store sales at Tesco), I'd suggest that they are doing extremely well as a business. Which probably says an awful lot about the state of the British diet. By the by, on the last trip to America, I had the misfortune to need coffee where the only opportunity was at one of their outlets. Have to say, this was the vilest coffee I have ever tried to drink in any country I've visited (and I am used to the thin, pretty tasteless stuff that you find in many parts of the US)
  24. I suppose it is similar to the legal scam that allows the likes of Starbucks, Amazon & Google to avoid paying tax in the UK on their UK operations by routing much of the business through what are, effectively, dummy companies in other countries.
  25. Responding to the OP - no, I've not eaten any of the products so far discovered to be part of what appears to be a large scale criminal act of deception. Most of the products are low end stuff that I wouldnt be touching with the proverbial barge pole. If I want lasagne, I go and buy mince, lasagne sheets, etc and make one.
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