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  1. Please share a report and pictures when you get back! I feel like NOLA is a second home, and the six months since I've been there last are simply too long!
  2. In the French Quarter, I'm a big fan of Coop's for jambalaya, gumbo and red beans and rice. It's not fancy, but it's always my first stop after landing! Green Goddess is another great place. Interesting drinks, dishes based on cuisines from all over, and a funky vibe. Grabbing a seat at Cochon's bar or the counter overlooking the kitchen would be perfect for a solo diner. It's in the Warehouse district, a short walk from the Quarter. You can't really miss with most of their small plates - rabbit livers, boudin, and any pork-based charcuterie. Since the Parasol's people are now at Tracey's, it would be the go-to spot for a po'boy. In the Quarter, Johnny's is reliable (I preferred it to Mother's). Parkway is another good option for po'boys, but some would say it wouldn't be the best to walk by yourself. I've been there in the day time, with others, so I've always felt fine. You'd need to catch the Canal street car and it's about a 5/10 minute walk.
  3. So I did a little sleuthing, and Jaan West Coast is located at the Tekka Market in Singapore. The where to eat in Singapore discussion revealed that nikkib recently moved... I'm looking forward to travelling across the globe again!
  4. I enjoyed the seemingly more realistic way they kicked contestants off. Can't cut (or identify) a loin? Pack your knives. Sloppy plating? Pack your knives. The remaining chefs appear talented, and I'm looking forward to the rest of the season.
  5. I would like a meat cone in Philadelphia. Really, your pictures are wonderful, and if you ever make it out to this coast, I'll be fighting for a spot at your table!
  6. Though I'm not a trainer, I do consider myself a responsible dog owner (and dog lover). My rescued French Bulldog is a Canine Good Citizen - we went through a round of training and special testing to earn the certificate, which allows me a discount on homeowner's insurance and the pride in knowing she's a good ambassador for the breed when in public. The American Kennel Club sets criteria for testing and has guidelines for the kind of dog this should be. She is not a therapy dog (that certification allows dogs to go into hospitals and nursing homes) and requires more testing; nor is she a service dog. Speaking very generally for the US, there appears to be no standardized criteria or testing required to be a service dog. The ADA website recognizes that the dog may or may not have had training. There are more reputable organizations that require testing and hold dogs to a standard to reach their certification (Assistance Dogs International). Then there are others that list what the dog should be, let you click a box indicating that, sure, your dog is all of those things, and then purchase a nice certificate and official looking vest/collar with no required training. As someone who spent a lot of time and some expense with training for the CGC, I can only imagine that the more reputable programs, that spend time and money training puppies and have waiting lists of people who genuinely need a service animal, do not like the latter type of organization. I've seen the good work that service dogs can do for those who need them, whether it's a visible disability or not, and it's a shame that a few irresponsible owners leave such a bad impression.
  7. I am the epitome of a lurker, but would love a Philly gathering. I've been following them since prior to joining eG, and think our wonderful city needs to be seen and enjoyed. Some burgeoning street carts (despite local ordinances to confound the best of them), a phenomenal craft beer scene(cocktails are a given), as well as the many markets and Greensgrow, the urban farm worth a tour.
  8. I always prefer to order offal and any other unusual dishes that are offered. My husband, while he enjoys a bite or two of my order, will usually order some sort of seafood. As evidenced by others, the untrained/unexperienced waitstaff will switch our orders. It doesn't bother me too much...
  9. We call these fire bites, always popular in the fall when we're watching football. We've smoked them and baked them on occasion, but other than cooking some bacon first and chopping it into the cream cheese, we don't vary off of the basic formula.
  10. 23 inches - we're in the middle of renovations now, and this was our choice. We have eight foot ceilings and little square footage, so we brought the wall cabinets all the way up.
  11. I started WW at work about 5 weeks ago, and there are about 20 of us. A few people have lost close to 20 pounds on the new system; I'm averaging about 1.5 a week. A friend that is a lifetime member gained with the new system, so she reverted back to what works for her. I've gained a new appreciation of vegetables in the last month. There's nothing like a plateful of grilled veg to welcome the warm weather!
  12. Camden Bar and Restaurant Supply is about 10 minutes over the Ben Franklin in Oaklyn, NJ, right on the White Horse Pike/Rt. 30.
  13. Mole - I'm lucky enough to have two authentic Mexican restaurants in a 15 minute drive from my home. Even though I like to try as many things in the kitchen as I can, the convenience overrides my personal growth.
  14. Deviating from the foams, X, Y ways, is the dish name I saw on a friend's Photoblog - burgushi. Part burger, part sushi.
  15. What a fantastic selection! I'm envious of emptiness at the market. From a lurker, I've enjoyed the glimpse into your part of the world!
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