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  1. Yeah, I saw that interview too. Who is he still trying to kid? He's in danger of losing all credibilty. He still doesn't seem to want to accept the fact that he's bit off far more than he can chew. As the report suggested, if he acts more of a diva then a chef etc, it was always going to catch up with him. This is what gets me R, he such a contrary bloke. I got slated by some of the celeb chef lovers on here when I started this thread, condonning all he did. Hmm......... The downturn will have had an effect, like it has on pracitically everyone but I still firmly believe he only has himself to blame for the position he finds himself in. I nearly pissed myself laughing when he said 'it was time chefs got back in their boxes'. I couldn't agree more, but again, talk about hipocrisy on his part. I really do think it will be a shame, if R ends up being remembered as a total gobshite, rather than the fine chef he was (is?????)
  2. Forgot to say, sister restaurant, The Greenhouse is doing a cracking deal until the end of August. They are offering their dinner menu at half price. Its something like £18 n something for three courses. Offer valid on every night of the week they are open (not Sat). I think they are doing the same offer for lunch but not 100% sure. So if your in or around kew, then looks like you could be on to a winner
  3. It has always puzzled me why the restaurant has never been awarded a star. Its a lot better than a few starred places that spring to mind. Never mind, they are not alone!!!!
  4. The folks of Chiswick DO know this place is there, which is why this place has been quite busy for years. ← Well top marks to Chiswick then!
  5. Visted here a week ago. Another very enjoyable experience. The only duff note was an under cooked souffle, which wasn't a big deal, but the chef was pissed off with himself. Good to know some still care!! (Wasn't charged for pudd by the way). Good service by Will, who seems right at home in the place now. One of the pudds they have on at the mo, is a 'lemon meringue pie' with a black currant sorbet. It looked superb and I would have definately choose, if wasn't intolerant to eggs and blackcurrant!! Was going to suffer the consequences but had to fly next day Had the grilled calves liver, which was just the job. Yum The folks of Chiswick are a lucky bunch. That said, I bet most don't know the place is there
  6. I've also been to both Wareing and Aikens. Personally, I would never go back to Aikens again. Im just not a fan of the bloke, although Aikens did do a cracking lunch time deal. Not sure what the bob is now on that front. I think his food is a real mixed bag, great at times and piss poor at other times. Not sure if its anything to do with his monthly cycle!!!! Wareings was a fine experience, a wee bit 'Ramsayish', which you would expect I suppose. A very luxury setting, more suited to dinner, IMO. Just be careful if you decide to have the wine flight, it costs a kings ransom!! Probably won't help you but I would much rather visit the Square, over the other two. Dined there the other night, great experience.
  7. Yes Matt, I would definately go with Roast Chicken and other Stories. A great read by a fellow who really understands food. A few other books that I have enjoyed a flick through are, Passion For Flavour & Gordon Ramsay Three Star Chef, which is a proper coffee table book, fantastically photographed. Do any of the recipes actually work?? Essence by David Everitt Mathias Nico by Nico Landis, such a single minded chef, who didn't suffer fools. Great intro by him, detailing his life etc. Rhubarb & Blackpudding by Matt Fort, Paul Heathcote (IMO, Idea pretty much copied by another recent cookbook!!) Fat Duck cookbook, just through the sheer attention and input given. Canteen Cuisine by MPW, probably used by every aspiring chef over the last ten years. One chef I know, practically based whole menu upon book. And he's got a star!!! Meat by Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall, packed with info. The first seafood cookbook by Rick Stein. Any book by Ainsley!!!!!!!!
  8. The Square has always been bang on for me, where as I've visted The Capital twice, and have pondered as to how the the place has a two star rating.??Loved the wines, but I thought the food was a real mixed bag. Then again, I've pondered over how a few restaurants have star ratings. Thats another thread I suppose.
  9. Its what I consider a proper restaurant, not flash, no pretention, just really appealling food that you what to eat. Also been a favourite place of mine for a long time. We are actually back down at the restaurant on Saturday, 25th for Mrs big 40 birthday!! I think all the restaurants under the platts-martin umbrella are class acts. Not too keen on the glasshouse though. For me its the weakest of the bunch.
  10. God, I wish I had parents like you when I was 10.
  11. Upmarket bistro at the sumptuous MO - oh how hath the mighty fallen and we can all see what happens eventually to absentee chefs - reference GR! ← To be fair Pam, I reckon it will be more than just a simple bistro serving ciabatta sarnies etc. We are talking a three star chef here, who I believe deserves a bit more respect. I don't think the place should be knocked, even before its opened. Seems the British way though doesn't it. If its H.Bs take on a 'Bouchon' set up, then it will be grand.
  12. Will do Erica, I'll keep you posted. Be interesting to note any north/ south divide! L & I are virgins to this type of promo but willing to participate in a bit of rough!!! :laugh Hope you do well Erica.
  13. Thanks for your comments Time. I'd not really thought the 'javascript' before, due to the fact Im no web wizard!! It sort of does the job that Im after at the moment. Good point anyway.......p.s Your never too far!!!!!!
  14. If it is going to be a Bouchon sort of set up, then I totally agree with you Tony. I dined at Bouchon in Yountville a fews years ago whilst on honeymoon, taking in the French Laundry. I absolutely loved the place. It was pure classic cooking done brilliantly well. Ah, that French onion soup. What a soup. One of the very best things I have ever had the pleasure in eating. Wasn't even my dish either, Mrs ordered it!!! Like you say, if HB pulls off something similar, then he's on to a winner.
  15. Hello all Wanted to bring to your attention that Artisan is very soon going to be offering a three course dinner for the absolute bargain price of just twenty five pounds p.p. This is an offer which is being run in partnership with the Michelin guide and Telegraph newspaper. It will commence from the middle of July to mid September. If it takes off and is a viable propostion to the restaurant, L and I may well carry the deal on. The deal will be on offer from Tuesday night through to Thursday night inclusive. As per norm, there will be NO table turning, added service charges etc, just good hearty Yorkshire food. My fab value tasting menu will also be available throughtout, priced at forty five pounds per person. P.S This not tight, little portions! All details of the promotion and how to participate will be printed in the Telegraph, on Saturday 11th July 09. www.artisanrestaurant.com
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