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  1. I gotta get down to New Orleans! I've only pass through there and never spent any quality time. This thread is making think that I gotta go sooner rather than later. Cheers.
  2. Future Chef


    It's cool that people are talking about Vespers on here. I've been drinking them since that last James Bond movie 'Casino Royale'. I'm surprised they're not more popular. I make 'em with three parts Gin (I use Bulldog gin, it has some citrus notes that mix well with Lillet); one part Vodka, half part Lillet Blond. Gotta make sure it's shaken not stirred (we're talking James Bond here people) and give it a cool looking lemon twist. I gotta give that drink 'The Tableu' a shot. Thanks for the recipe JAZ.
  3. For the summer I'd have to go with the classic ice cold Corona with a lime. I also dig Stella Artois, freezing cold. In the fall or the winter give me something really stout like a room temp. Guinness. I'm not brewing my own... seems like a lotta people are (cheers)... so I mostly stick with the classics.
  4. Good thread. I loved this book. It reminded me that a love of good food is an invitation into different cultures, in this case Italian culture, which is so rich with history. Also, I'm still a Mario Bateli fan, I think he's keeping it pretty real for a 'celebrity chef'. I had the tasting menu at Babo on my birthday a while back and it was one of the best meals I've ever had.
  5. Junior's cheesecake isn't heavily crusted--it's made on a thin layer of cake. ← This is an old thread but I got to say that Juniors is still the best cheesecake in New York. Brooklyn keeps on taking the prize!
  6. I haven't watched Hells Kitchen since the first season... it made me a uncomfortable watching Ramsay yell at a bunch of amateurs... making it in the restaurant business has nothing to do with being abused by a Brit with an anger management problems. lol Still, it definitely has its moments and raises general culinary awareness. I'm glad to see it's still going strong.
  7. This is such a cool thread. Bourdain is still the coolest guy in the culinary world.
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