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  1. aroberts

    Peanut Butter

    1) crunchy 2) half crunchy 3) not cruchy at all I'll go with 1) crunchy, and cashew nut butter is even better.
  2. No, that would be silly. Even when eating in the service is included most places these days. Except in the US, I've heard. They seem to like tipping for everything over there. And a lot of people pay by credit card even for small bills.
  3. The internet is full of foodie blogs and foodie forums. But I'd guess this is one of them!
  4. You mean the Lake Woebegone News isn't real? I'm shocked
  5. I went to chinatown in London today and came back with just a few items. A 1Kg packet of frozen mixed seafood. A squeezy bottle of hot chilli sauce Tin of Wasabi peas Bottle of Saki What do you always pick up from oriental food shops?
  6. In Gloucestershire they have the "cheese rolling " which is clearly a community food-verb event, but doesn't necessarily involve eating anything, it's more of a dangerous sport involving large cheeses. Drinking ale and cider may come into it though.
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